Monday, February 11, 2008

Take A Trip To Show World

Last Saturday morning, my cell phone rang about 10:45 AM. On the weekend, I never call anyone until about 2 PM at the earliest, because you never know what kind of mischief they are sleeping off or still in the midst of during the morning hours. In fact, you may recall my encounter with the 2 Swedes. Well around 10:45 AM that Saturday morning, I simultaneously had 1 Swedish dick thrusting and throbbing in my ass while another was doing the same in my mouth. With that in mind, since I knew by the ringtone that it wasn't Mom calling, I thought that whoever was waking me up with this phone call, better be calling with something good.
The phone call was from Taino, my scene partner from Knight Stick Films upcoming 1st feature "ALL OUT ASSAULT".

It turns out he threw my name in to be a dancer for a new gig he just started. So at this point, I felt I got woken up for a good thing after all.

Unlike on a porn set with my scene partner, with a dancing gig I practice restraint in the fact that I don't make my intense attraction to my fellow dancers known. With that being my credo, I had to kick that restraint into high gear because I walked in to find that all of my fellow dancers were fuckin' hot. Definitely earning their name,
BUFFBOYZZ. So the restraint I had to practice was to remain a BuffBoy, and not become the BuffBoyzz's FluffBoy.

If you add that plus the stage letting me go beyond the limitations of dancing on a bar, I had a fun night where I will be coming back for more. And I hope you will come by, say "HI" to me and the guys. The ways we can welcome and entertain you are listed in this flyer:

If thoughts of what you may have missed already doesn't get you there, then I don't know what will. Things like me and Taino getting messy in a show where he sprays me with whipped cream and with the passion of a hungry animal licks it off of me. It was one of those moments where being messy is so damn hot. Well, that was just 1 moment among others. And remember, seeing is believing, so to learn of others, you have to come over and find out. Because we will definitely motivate you to want to come back for more.

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