Monday, February 18, 2008

My Talk With RealTALK!

I was worried all day about my interview. People even noticed that I seemed a bit distant at times. I've done interviews before, so what had me so wired about this one. It was because this one was live. The one I did for DList with JJ-Shonsay was the closest to RealTALK because it was an online chat. The others were emailed questions, and with those one can plan their responses more carefully and not step on any toes. But being me, as most of you know by now, if and when I do step on some toes, being that I do have the Aries trait of brash honesty, 99.something % of the time I really don't give a fuck.

I didn't really step on any toes and say anything I haven't said already in one of my blogs. However, I did make a slip about someone looking older than what they really are. It was something for some odd reason, a couple of friends brought up in conversation. Then during the show, someone asked about my being older and keeping up with my younger counterparts. In response, I mentioned how most people are cast with people who fit their supposed age group and this person seems to usually get paired with older or older-looking guys for that same reason. When I went that route in the conversation, I tried so hard to avoid saying a name mainly because I have no ill-feelings towards this person. In fact, I never did say his name, but one of the hosts guessed it. And with that Aries honesty again, I confirmed. I chuck up that Freudian-slip and my stammering as being nervous. Other than that I regret nothing that I said or did during the interview.

I was surprised to find that we had to keep our language "as clean as possible". My thought was this is internet radio. As much stuff as people (mainly children) get access to on the internet with no trouble at all, there's concern over some curse words or explicit sexual references while interviewing a porn actor at 11:00 at night. Is it just me, or is that strange? But let me state that hosts Big Ceaz and Papi Chulo are not responsible for that reasoning. It may not even be BlogTalkRadio's reasoning. Whoever's reasoning it is, I did find it quite typical of Republican hypocrisy.

Even with my Freudian-slip, my stammering, and having to control my raunchy mouth, I still enjoyed being interviewed by Big Ceaz and Papi Chulo. So check it out for yourself. Enjoy.

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