Monday, February 25, 2008

Me, The Pot

After the 4 recent eliminations on American Idol, the controversy arose about how some of the remaining contestants had what could be considered a professional spot on their resume, therefore they shouldn't have even been on the show at all. At first, I was about to jump on this bandwagon, then I said to myself, "Tré, don't get into being the pot calling the kettle black, because you did the very same thing yourself."

Then I had to admit to myself I did do the same thing.

Will Clark's Porn Idol was geared as a fun contest with the possibility of discovering new porn talent. So it would most likely be considered that someone who never did porn, and wanted to get into the business would enter, especially with a photoshoot with a photographer with connections in the adult industry as part of the grand prize at the finale. The fact about myself is that I wasn't that new to being in front of a camera to do porn. When I entered Will Clark's Porn Idol contest in June of 2005, I had already did my 1st solo show for on April 1st, and shot my 1st sex scene for Oh Boy Escorts 2 with Tyson Cane Videos on May 16th of that same year.

So what gave me the right to enter that Porn Idol contest? The same reason those contestants enter American Idol. The parts of their resume that made them seem to be pros at what they do, actually got them nowhere, so they went to something that put them back to square one.

And my case was no different. Like I said, I did 1 show for, and 1 scene for Tyson Cane. Now, it would take extreme naivete to not realize that as a man of color, I have to go the extra mile to get recognition in this industry. Showguys may have been enough if I was a White man, and Tyson Cane is an ethnic-themed porn company, so I needed to find a way to get myself recognized beyond ethnic porn, (as I realized later) much to Tyson Cane's chagrin. So when I heard Will Clark was doing another round of Porn Idol, I decided to go for it in hopes of wining that Grand Prize, and by great twists of fate, I got it. I got the photoshoot with Charles Hovland, and that's how my ties with Pitbull Productions got started. They desperately need a bottom, Charles mentioned my name, and that very day, I wound up on the set of "DILLON:THE ONE", sucking on Dillon's cock, Dillon pounding my ass, and me uttering words to make sure he and every viewer knew that I loved it. At the same time, my name followed to others of various colors in and out of the industry because they were followers of Will Clark, who was kind enough to put the word out about me. And he still does to this day. That's how I was asked to be in the cast of "BLAK: Bruthas Live And Kinky" for Forbidden Funk Media where Foxx banged the holy hell out of me.

As you can see, my going back to square one worked well to my advantage. Tyson Cane was to be the "industry pro" to guide me to better things, but refused to. Therefore, it would stand to reason that the American Idol contestants who have put themselves in that same position of going back to square one are going there, because the "industry pros" who were to guide them to a higher level never got them there. So I admit to my wrongdoing of jumping on the bandwagon. And I must tell you, that jumping on the bandwagon is so embarrassing when you're a case of the pot calling the kettle "black".


I'll be at the Will Clark's PORNO BINGO, this Wednesday, February 27th. Remember the more money raised from Bingo card sales and the auctions, the more clothes fall off of me. And the auction item is the underwear I'll be wearing that night, and the winner get to take them off of me. So come out and give to a good cause and make me go home commando.

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