Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My Name On An EGPA List

I thought it would be nice, but never really thought it would happen.
I saw my name in an porn awards nomination. It's not just my name alone. It turned out being that the group scene from "69 Fuck Street" featuring Jake Corwin, Chris Crawford, Jason Dean, Ligee, and myself was on the long list of nominees for Best Group Scene in the European Gay Porn Awards. Even though it was a long list, when you consider how many group scenes they have to choose from, this is definitely one case where I have to say and mean it when I say, that it's an honor to be just recognized. Especially considering what I've been through in the past, such as my Tyson Cane incidents, I needed some kind of sign that all the crap I went through with him from Day 1 led to something. And if it's just a recognition, instead of a win, that's fine. Even though a win would warn my heart quite a bit.
And why wouldn't we deserve to win. For those of you who have seen it, know fact that all the chemistry you're seeing is real. Before the phrase "And action!" was spoken, we had already been making out for about 10 minutes. I was a little worried someone was going to shoot their load before hand. Especially if I gave them a blowjob. I seem to be give pretty good head. REMEMBER GUYS - USE THE TONGUE!

And it was my pleasure with the history I have with most of them. I already knew Jason Dean, and had a big crush on him. I had the pleasure of being fucked by Jake Corwin just the day before in our 3-way with Duke Rivers. And I had made out with Ligee at some parties so all I had to do with him was prepare myself to take in his big dick. The only new face to me for that scene was Chris Crawford, and why would I have a problem with him? He's already a tall cutie clothed, then when he's naked you see has also has a nice ass and a cock that can shoot buckets of cum. My only problem was that Jason Dean got that cumbath instead of me.

The beauty of the European Gay Porn Awards is that their chosen by YOU. So you can go to their website, register, and put in your votes. And don't worry, registering is no big deal. Just put in a first name, a last name, and a valid email address, and you're good to go. Just wait for your confirmation email, vote, then your vote is locked in. There are movies from a variety of countries so all of you fans, whether you're American, European, South American, etc. somewhere, many of you will find your continent represented. So check it out, and take advantage of a chance to make your voice heard of what you like in porn. Vote smart. And GOOD LUCK to all nominees in all categories.

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