Friday, January 11, 2008

Forbidden Funk Media - The Naughty Bits

When I walked into the room to meet the guys from Forbidden Funk Media, some of my fellow cast members were there. They introduced themselves and one of them who looked familiar to me, looked at me in a way that I thought that either they were my scene partner and/or they knew who I was. It was Kamrun. You may remember him from movies like Blackballed 5: Starfucker, and most recently Raging Stallion's "GRUNTS". After a few minutes, he looked at me, and said, "I put a comment on your profile."

Then why he looked familiar became clear to me. It turned out being that Kamrun is on my friends list on both DList and PornSpace. And not too long before that shoot, he actually did put a comment on my PornSpace page that said, "Keep doing your thing papo!"

It was good to finally meet one of my online friends face to face, get to hang out with them, and learn he's definitely someone to I want on my list.

The next morning, we had call times for our individual photo shoots. If you look at photography from a psychological standpoint, you'll realize that when a photographer catches you at that frozen space in time, he/she catches you at a moment where you may not just be physically naked, but you are emotionally naked as well. Because as they say, "eyes are the windows to the soul", and a photographer catches a frozen look into that window forever. And that thought made our photographer, Peter Lau, a bit intimidating by holding that power to see into you. BUT I was put at ease when I realized the fact that I found him to be absolutely gorgeous and my mind really wandered elsewhere when me and Foxx realized the nice ass that he has on him. I haven't had too many photographers on a set make my mind go there, where while the power he holds is intimidating, his sex appeal is calming.

Backtracking to after dinner on that 1st night, we went around and introduced ourselves. When I introduced myself, I also mentioned how I'm looking forward to working with all of them. I had no idea how literal that statement was going to become. Because to my surprise, it turned out being that there we were going to shoot a group scene before we shot our individual scenes.

And when the word "ACTION" was said, I became a whole new sexual monster.

I have no idea how many cocks I grabbed and sucked, so please don't ask, because I can't tell. I had a bit of a thing for my roommate Brian, because of his aforementioned "shy & reserved demeanor hiding a sexual beast", so playing with him was a joy. Especially when I explored new territory by face-fucking him. I've never face-fucked anyone on or off-camera, so that had my mind reeling. I will admit, it definitely strokes the sexual ego. I guess, it's that vibe of the set making me go to new places, just like my 1st time doing foot play during "69 Fuck Street". And Brian as expected, was no sexual saint. At one point, I just got up from going down on one of the guys, and out of the corner of my eye, I could see my roommate behind me with a guy grind him from behind. My roommate then pulled me against him, so now we had a grinding train. And since he's a versatile bottom like me, but with a big dick, I did get quite turned on by his cock sliding up and down between my ass cheeks.

Now, we get to my scene with Foxx. Foxx was everything I expected him to be from the previous times I met him. I never liked the term for a bottom of being "the one who gets fucked". I'm an aggressive bottom, because I believe your top shouldn't fuck you, you BOTH should fuck each other. So bottoms shouldn't just lay there like lazy bitches. They should occasionally give their top a break, and work their hips, tighten that hole every once in a while, and fuck the hell out of that dick.

This time however, I was not allowed to live by that credo. Because Foxx fucked me in a sling. I've been to sex clubs, and tried topping guys in a sling, and it makes my dick go limp, so I no longer do it. And I would get fucked in a sling again only for the camera. Don't get me wrong, I immensely enjoyed Foxx's 10" cock in my ass. I've pretty wanted his dick from the 1st time I met him, because I could foresee sex with him would be intense. And I wouldn't mind doing it again, as long as I can be my truly aggressive bottom self, so I would enjoy it even more. That would explain why afterwards, Foxx told me that my entire body tensed up. It was because I'm a self-control freak, so I've never given up that control before, and it was scary and exciting at the same time to actually be a submissive bottom and totally get fucked.

Afterwards, me and some of us guys (Brick, Kamrun, Nubius, and Tracy) had our last night out at Cuckoo Club at Hiro Ballroom. It was our own wrap-party. And we got quite a bit of attention, especially being a group of the few Black guys there - and I forgot to mention the fact, that after awhile, we went shirtless. This one couple was bouncing between each of us trying to get one of us into a 3some. I would have gladly obliged, being that they were a cute ass couple, but I won't be someone's sloppy seconds. And we all had the same idea, so if that couple got anyone, it wasn't one of us.

I woke up the next morning with the rush I always get from a new experience that I very much needed. As I said before, Forbidden Funk Media finally gave me a reason to use the term, "brutha" and mean it wholeheartedly. We were a brotherhood that came together, and made a production that I am very eager to see the finished product. So look for it soon. If this pic is any indication of the hot sex play you'll be seeing - brace yourself for another hot production from another new company. Another example of the porn I've been hoping to see, FINALLY coming to fruition.


  1. Nice story Tre, your porn anecdotes are always intriguing. The picture is fantastic too. ;)


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