Sunday, January 27, 2008

On February 9, 2002 - I Was Born

Now, if you believe that, then you obviously have not read my stats and bio page of my website. Because if you did, then you would know that I'm not an Aquarius (as a birthday of February 9th would mean), but a horny little Aries.

So what do I mean by "On February 9, 2002 - I Was Born"?

What I mean is that is the day I came alive because that is the date that I went out to find out what my true sexual orientation was, and got my answer. The details of it are in my old blog archive under the category of "First Time Out".

I think this year should seem no different than any other, but this year I want to celebrate the date of my sexual awakening in some special way. Maybe it's really starting to hit me as to how long I've waited to realize my sexual orientation, and what I've accomplished for myself since that realization. Such as my getting into porn, and (more importantly) writing my blog that I try to constantly use to let people know that being a sexual individual no matter what you orientation is not a bad thing. And it took long enough to realize that for myself, so now I want to share that knowledge with the world.

I also now have a social life with friends I hold dear. Before, I knew of no such thing, because that lack of knowledge about myself crippled me to the point of building a wall where I never let anyone get too close. That new found emotional strength however has not worked well for my love life - yet. My track record seems that as the rule of how opposites attract, I attract people who are presently emotionally crippled now, like I no longer am. So you would think they would be with me to draw from my strength, but such has no been the case. Instead they act like addicts refusing to admit they have a problem while I'm extending my hand to ease them into a solution to overcome their inner demons holding them back from being the loving individuals I know they can be. But also like with an addict, I can't help them until they want to help themselves, as I had to help myself. But I have faith that karma will reward me someday soon with someone man and humane enough to extend their hand to me to ease the flaws and voids of my personality from consuming me, just as I have extended mine to many for the same purpose.

I will be looking at February 9th and 10th with a great deal of pride. And I just realized another reason why I may be so eager to celebrate my sexual awakening this year. It may be because February 9th and 10th fall on the same days of the week this year as they did in 2002. So that makes it (just like the days of my sexual awakening and losing my virginity) another Saturday night going into Sunday morning to revel in who I am and what I've become. Because had time went on without my sexual awakening, the chances were becoming greater and greater that I wouldn't be here today.

So I THANK GOD, for pushing me through. And I THANK GOD for YOU, as I THANK YOU for your continued support.

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