Friday, January 18, 2008

Sexy Sweet Swedes

Why does my luck always seem to have it that my place is a mess when I bring someone over?

Yes, it happened again. I hooked up with someone, hoping I would go to their place, and wound up at my messy place instead. I seem to have no luck when my place is clean, but when it's a mess I have all the luck in the world. And this time I really did have all the luck in the world. Because I didn't bring just someone home with me, but I brought some people home with me.

2 sex, sweet Swedes, to be exact.

I met them at Splash. Yes, I know, of all places. But while I have often spoke badly of it because of its patronage being overwrought with the bigotry of the Chelsea boy mentality mainly on the weekend, the music can still be good. And that's what I focus on. And that's also what made it a little difficult for these guys to get to me.

I had gotten to Splash sometime before 1:30 AM. So I had been there for about an hour and a half before I met these guys. I just happened to turn to my right, and one of them (about my height and build) was looking at me. I thought we just happened to turn at the same time, so I paid it no mind. You see, I've come to not expect much admiration for a Black man's beauty in Splash, unless they're the typical Black look marketed in the gay community of dark-skinned, buffed, and bald. So when I turned right again, and the guy had a little smile on his face, I still was not buying that this was directed at me. I did find him extremely handsome, along with his boyfriend (who was tall and slim). Then comes attempt #3, and I caved. I stared back long enough to find out for sure if he was making some kind of advances at me.

It turned out being that he really was.

He started moving closer to me, and we started dancing together. Then his boyfriend got behind me, and I wound up being the meat of a sandwich. And I am by no means complaining about this.

The dancing got more intense with the degree of us feeling up on each other. First, it was by a hand going underneath my shirt to feel my skin, then it went to grabbing my ass, to grabbing my crotch. By this point, if I wasn't leaving with these guys, I would have been both shocked and pissed. Then we introduced ourselves, and I was by no means shocked when I heard a European accent come out of their mouths. So I asked them where they were from, and they said Sweden (Wow, a European country I haven't played with yet - COOL!). Then the one about my size asked me where did I live. I then thought to myself, "This is the moment. They won't to leave so we can fuck. But not at a hotel they may be staying at, but at the present mess that is my place.

I told them I live in Jersey City, and told them how long it would take to get there. So they said, "Well, let's go then."

I was quite hesitant. Hesitant enough that I'm sure I frustrated the hell out of them. Then I gave in, and I said, "OK. But I must warn you, I just moved some furniture around, and my place is a mess.

And it's true. I had no too long ago moved my bed from the corner of the room, to the center on impulse while I was already in the midst of cleaning. So everything I was planning on shifting through to decide on whether or not to throw out, just got shoved aside to make room for the bed.

They said they didn't care, because what they're going for made no need to concern themselves with how tidy my room is. Which is true, because all we needed was the bed, and a path to the bathroom. So we left, and I couldn't get over the fact that I was bringing not 1, but 2 guys home with me. I was about to host a 3-way at my place.

While on the PATH train, I told them that I dance sometime at clubs. But I waited until we got off the train and walking alone on the street before telling them about my being in porn. I told them, "Sometimes I'm an actor - a porn actor." Their eyes lit up in surprise. They said it was something new they definitely weren't expecting.

To my surprise, my 2 female roommates who live on the 1st floor of the duplex were wide awake at 5 AM, so they got to see me bring 2 White boys through the door, when they've never seen me bring anyone in before. I wonder did they hear any of the noise we started making less than 1/2 hour later.

My trip to the laundry earlier that week had definitely paid off. I changed my bed and topped it off with a new velvet duvet I had bought. So my psychic abilities must have foreseen this happening. I have to tell you, if you don't know, have sex on velvet. It definitely helps the sex appeal.

I've obviously have changed quite a bit. I've become more aggressive. I initiated the 1st kiss, and laid the guy down on the bed. But somehow for Round 1 (yes Round 1), I wound up on my stomach with the shorter one fucking me, then I got tag-teamed as the taller one took a turn at me. This was sexual heaven for me, because I love it when I'm in a 3-way and get fucked by both guys. Then the shorter one started fucking the taller one. The one fucking me started coming in his condom while inside me, and knowing that, made me tighten my sphincter around his cock while it was throbbing which blew his mind. Then his boyfriend shot his load all over his back. And all this turned me on so, that I turned over jerked off for about a minute then shot my load. Then all 3 of us went into my shower, soaped each other up, then went to lay down on my bed.

They asked to see one of my movies, so I put on "69 Fuck Street". We watched it enough to see both of my scenes, then went to sleep. Then when we woke up, we went for round 2. Round 2 started out with the shorter one fucking me again. This time, the tall one got behind him, and started fucking him. Then they stopped, and both came at me with both of their cocks over me. I took turns sucking them both, then I realized something.

I wanted to fuck some ass myself.

And since we were in my place, I had every right to ask for it. So I did, and I got to fuck the tall one. I tried in missionary, and although he did have a nice tight hole, I could thrust into him the way I wanted to. So I had him get on all fours, and I mounted him and fucked him that way for a bit. Then we all got on our knees in a huddle and started jerking off. The shorter one shot a load that covered me from my chest to my groin, and I started using his jizz as a lube. Then his boyfriend came on me. This made me such a cum-drenched mess that I went in the shower, and used the combo of their cum on my hands and the water from the shower to jerk off and shoot my load there.

Afterwards, we got dressed, and I walked them to the PATH train station. I gave them a card that had my email, and both of my blog addresses on it, so they may very well be reading this tale about themselves. If so - Guys, keep it touch. Because if you want your shirt and tie back, I'll be more than happy to send it to you. If not, then I'll keep it as a souvenir to a VERY HOT winter morning.

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