Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Forbidden Funk Media

I wrote "My Tyson Cane Finale" because I wanted to close that ordeal of 2007 to make room for the exciting things I have to talk about for 2008. I already mentioned my shoot with Knight Stick Films being an exciting moment, because I was on the verge of retiring from the industry because of the blatant racism from West Coast companies, and even worse from my own backyard of the East Coast. Now, 2 days shy of being exactly a month to the day of my shoot with Knight Stick Films, I was on a set of another movie for another new company.

I have never took much liking to the term "brutha". I've never had much use for it, because I never experienced a unity amongst Black men that by my standards made them worthy of that term. Think about it. This is probably the 1st time after over 200 blog posts that I have plans to use the term "brutha(s)" in a positive light. And the name of the new company that brought me to that point is named Forbidden Funk Media.

Forbidden Funk Media was brought to my attention by an email with a subject line that read, "Will Clark recommended you for a film". Yes, I have Will Clark to thank for this. It was from BK, one of the partners behind Forbidden Funk Media. He gave his phone number in the email, and we talked the next day. I was very much impressed on how much research he did on me from reading my stats page of my site, to checking out my blog (especially regarding racism in the gay porn industry). If our government researched things as thoroughly, we wouldn't have to go through the lengths for security that we are going through today. BK said that he wanted to do fetish porn featuring men of color, and to do any kind of fetish porn was new to me. Especially with most fetish porn featuring either an all-White cast or a token Black top. I told BK to count me in, and I got a profile emailed to me to tell my sexual likes and dislikes, as well as my preferences in scene partners. That was a relief to me, because I have decided to NEVER work for a company that won't take my preferences into consideration since my conflict with the pimps at Big City Video.

Each conversation and email between me and BK took me further from the racism against my own race that I feared falling back into because of my altercation with Tyson Cane. I wanted to believe that I could involve myself with a porn company with mostly or all minority owners and staff, and based on the incidents I mentioned with Tyson Cane, he almost ruined that hope for me. So THANKS to BK, and his partners Hayes and Kevin for restoring that hope. Because what I experienced was something I thought I was going to retire from this industry never experiencing.

The 1st night was a night to meet and greet each other, and get fitted for our outfits. I can't wait until you guys see me in my full gear. I have to say, they hooked me up to look PRETTY FUNKIN' HOT.
We were treated to a dinner, and were also given sleeping accommodations mainly for the out-of-towners, which to my surprise was a good number of the cast. Now even though I'm just across the Hudson River in Jersey City, they were kind enough to give me the option to stay there as well. I did get the benefit of dinner with Dark Alley, and the other new company Knight Stick Films. But the sleeping accommodations was a benefit I thought I would only experience if working for a West Coast company.

At first, I was going to go back to Jersey, then I realized that all the excitement made me exhausted just thinking about a trip back to back. So as I was about to walk out the door to go to Jersey, some of the out-of-towners (Flex, Kamrun, and Brick Johnson) wanted to go out. Being the native New Yorker in the group, I knew one of the closest places to be Therapy, so I got a second wind and the 4 of us hung out there. We had our fun, and came back to the room, and I met my roommate, who seemed kind of shy and quiet like myself. And from what I know of myself, that would translate to him being a sexual handful. But I didn't think I would ever find out considering the fact that he wasn't my scene partner.

Speaking of scene partner, this is another reason I commend Forbidden Funk Media. They took my preferences into consideration, and who did I get as my scene partner - none other than Foxx, who you may recall I wrote a blog admiring his sexual presence. Considering how well BK researched me, I wonder if he saw that and that's why he put me and Foxx together.

This is the point where I leave you in suspense about how well the shoot went, including as to how good the sex was. I guess you'll just have to check back very soon for those details.

To be continued.....

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  1. thanx for the positive comments about FFM...and glad we could restore your faith in the Bruthas....LOL!!!


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