Monday, January 7, 2008

Crash Of The Burnside Glass House

Lately, to myself I seem to have become the Perez Hilton of gay porn to some extent. What's troubling about that is the fact that I hate that lard-ass faggot with a passion for intruding upon people's privacy by outing them. I do however take solace in the fact that the people I spread gossip about are pricks that earned it. Such as Pierre Fitch, and now Jeff Burnside.

"Who is Jeff Burnside?", you ask.

He's the reporter who did the story that was featured on Dateline NBC called, "The House Next Door", that was originally aired on NBC's Miami affiliate station. The story was about how the house FlavaWorks uses to produce their Dorm Life DVD series, and videos featured on their website, was in a residential neighborhood.

Well, whatever Burnside and NBC's motives were for throwing those stones from his glass house, it seems karma has come back to bite them on their asses hard. Throwing stones back at them in a way that can make Jeff Burnside's glass house come crashing down.

You see, according to an article in the Miami Herald, last Sunday morning at 5:40 AM, Jeff Burnside was spotted by police driving with his headlights off. The officer noticed Burnside to have all the signs of being intoxicated. Everything from a flushed face to slurred speech. After the officer had Burnside try a few sobriety tests, and without a doubt failed - Burnside was charged with a DUI.

Is that a sign of karma doing justice or what? There was no reason for the reporters to make a big deal about what goes on in that house, because what goes on there is no different than what goes on in just about everyone else's. People are attracted to each other, and they have sex. It's nature, it happens. The difference is that the guys who live in that house make a money off of that attraction and the sex that follows.

And with that in mind, how many people do the same thing just to get ahead in business? Many women and men have used their attraction to fuck their way up the corporate ladder. And Jeff Burnside and NBC doing this story was nothing else but being the typical voice of people trying to cover up their own guilt of the things they've done by putting the spotlight on somebody else - even when that person has done nothing wrong.

And yes, I said it. FlavaWorks did nothing wrong, because (1) they actually do reside in that house, and (2) many porn websites are made from cameras being set up in the privacy of someone's home. Should their neighbors be complaining or should they be forced to moved from their home? NO, they should not, and neither should FlavaWorks. The guys had sex behind the closed doors of the house that they reside in, just like their neighbors, me and my neighbors, and you and your neighbors do. Now, if Breion Diamond takes one of the guys onto the front porch and fucks him like there's no tomorrow, while a married couple with a newborn in a stroller and holding the hand of their 6 year-old are walking past - THEN we have a problem. Especially, if it was a constant occurrence. BUT since that was never the case, nor is anyone underage, the situation with FlavaWorks was nothing more than Jeff Burnside and NBC playing the nosey neighbor.

I was most appalled by NBC's part in that report, because I have been a great admirer of Dateline NBC's "To Catch A Predator" series for some time now. So to see NBC make this turn was quite disappointing. But with this revelation about Jeff Burnside's DUI, I'm quickly getting over my disappointment. Maybe next time NBC will start checking the grass in their own backyard before trying to intrude upon the grass of someone else's.


  1. wow.

    it's not about the neighborhood.

    it's about public health.

  2. Maybe for you, it would be about public health. But please DO NOT by any means be naive, because for NBC this was about ratings. Maybe even racism, considering how the big thing in the porn industry right now are blond barebacking twinks. There are numerously more sites featuring those blond twinks that they can target and make the poster children for unsafe-sex practices. So you need to ask yourself, why target 1 black company in the market that as I was told has stopped making barebacking videos within the past couple of years.
    So I clearly understand and applaud your stand on this matter. But this blog entry was about NBC and Jeff Burnside's motives. Thank you.

  3. so the motives of a ratings-hungry media outweigh the real issue of rampant HIV / other STDs with very little testing?

    i bet you insist on a rubber when you're taking it up the ass on film, dontcha?

    as you should. but you're not being preyed upon by people like phil.

    open your eyes, man.

  4. oh, and by the way -- i'm well aware of what you're blog entry was about. don't post (or don't allow comments) if you don't want to hear people disagreeing with you.

    heat, kitchen, etc.

  5. err. that would be "your" not "you're."

  6. First off, "Anonymous", if you have something to say, then do as I do and don't hide behind the name "Anonymous". Be a man who stands behind his convictions, and give a name for not just me, but others who want to hear what you have to say to know you by.
    Second, you need to calm yourself. SERIOUSLY. I did applaud your motives for your comment. So you need to start reading what's actually in front of you and stop being so blinded by rage.
    Third, with this being my blog, I am allowed to disagree with you, as you are allowed to disagree with me. And I can post those sentiments all I want. So until you grow the balls to back up your statements with a real identity for ME besides "Anonymous", don't ever tell me how to run a part of my internet home.
    Which brings me to my last point, if you have such a problem with Phil, then enlighten me. And you don't have to enlighten me here. Email me personally.

  7. The original NBC story was a hatchet job that managed to combine homophobic and racist undertones with right-wing luncacy, with a healthy lashing of hypocrisy. "Anonymous" - whoever that is (it's probably Burnside himself) - is getting his knickers in a twist about HIV. Fine - HIV is a huge problem, but for society in general, and it isn't right for the mainstream mass media to attack the gay minority (which is what it was all about). Does "Anonymous" think it was ok for NBC to plaster the faces of the young men employed by Flava all over the news, whilst they were going about their business (which was legitimate, whether you like it or not). At least they weren't endangering the lives of innocent people as Burnside was by drink-driving.


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