Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Watch You Sexual

At my last appearance at Titillating Tongues, there was some extra time. So all performers got a chance to go up again. With that being the case, I decided to present a poem that shares the title of this blog post.

Should anyone find this post's title familiar, then it's because you won the gift bag I put together for my first appearance as a pornstar guest on Will Clark's Bad Boys On The Hudson Sea Tea back in 2006. As part of my gift bag, since none of the 4 movies I appeared in by that time had come out yet, I gave away some DVDs from my personal porn collection. I made a box, and on the side of the box, I put a picture of myself with this poem, "Watch You Sexual".

In the video's intro, you hear me mention that this poem was inspired by watching guys in straight and gay porn. That's not 100% true. For it was also inspired by the thought of seeing any gorgeous man in a sexual encounter. So that could also include playing voyeur to a handsome stranger I catch in the act, a hot guy at a sex party, even my own lover playing with someone else together. And in all of the aforementioned instances, it doesn't matter if they're playmate is 1 male, 1 female, or 1 of each. For as I've said numerous times before, not just because of my bisexuality, but I find all sex beautiful.

If this poem seems hypocritical considering all of my recent talk of how open relationships seems like a bad idea to me, keep in mind 2 things:
1)I wrote this poem back in 2005, the year I got into porn. And awhile before writing it, I started fooling around with a couple from Jersey City at least once a month. So part of the poem was written by me trying to see things from their perspective, as well as my own. And;
2) even though I admit to think a bit differently of such relationships now, there is still a crazy part of me that likes the idea of seeing my lover pleasure someone else, but emotionally bound to me. So this can only be a poem I could recite to him. However, considering the guilt I would feel having sex with someone else, this is not a poem he can recite back to me, unless I revert back to my old viewpoint on such relationships.

So if this is how you feel, by all means,

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