Saturday, June 8, 2013

Why It's "WE Fucked"

There have been times that I've said here that when I bottom, I don't get fucked, me and the top fuck each other. The reason I always feel the need to stress that is because gay porn and overcompensating machismo cultures teach us otherwise, and too many guys make themselves simple males and not men by adhering to those rules.

Being a bottom does not mean being a hole to be used and abused at a top's beck and call. Being a bottom also doesn't mean the top does all of the thrusting during sex. Stressing that point was another motivation for my getting into porn purposely as a bottom, in spite of my (at the time) growing versatility. Unfortunately, based on scenario, camera angles, and/or the director's own mental issues about sexual roles, there were few times I was able to be seen as a bottom showing enough humanity in which my desire to bottom was beyond being a tool for my top, and enough aggression to make that clear.

You can't truly have sex by yourself. Hence why there's a totally separate word for getting off alone - masturbation. Also, hence the saying "it takes 2 to tango". For sex is a dance. So gay sex is a dance between a top and bottom. A dance that when done right, the top fucks the bottom's ass, while the bottom....fucks the top's dick. The tops that I respect know this. That's why when speaking of a sex tryst, they are more comfortable saying "WE fucked", instead of "I fucked him".

I think all this was made very clear with this home video of me with a friend of mine. We had a dance. When we get together the sex is very passionate, plus add to the fact that it had been awhile, so there's no doubt we were going to go at each other a good tango. ;-)

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