Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Pornstars Return, WTF For?!

Porn actors are an unstable bunch. It shows up in so many facets of their lives for all to see, and only the equally (or more so) unstable among their fans either refuse to acknowledge it, or acknowledge it, but still pledge loyalty to them. Including in how they announce retirement, leave, then come back soon after. Of course when they leave, few give specific reasons that shows they have little to no intention of coming back like I did. It's their way of trying to save face, and not be ridiculed like they should be if they decide to return. But why come back? Why come back to that desperation for validation when you are on the road to, or have actually have found peace outside of it?

This recent Facebook update of mine will begin my explanation why:
With that said, the "meaningless fame" I'm speaking of outside of porn is the fame some try to acquire as singers or actors. For the songs most of these guys sing are not to inspire needed change. They're usually just another dance beat to add to the many that make our ear drums beg you to stop the torture at bars/clubs. And the lack of intent to inspire needed change can also be said for the movie roles they take on. But even if needed change is their intent in the long run, there's a reason they bail on making it come to fruition, then come back to porn.

That reason being, like I said in my Facebook update, is they miss the fame. To be more exact, porn actors miss the instant fame that their porn careers gave them by just dropping trou, showing their dick (and/or ass), and busting a nut. Fame that's not acquired so easily by turning to music, acting, or even modeling. For you become another fish in a sea of many, and it requires a lot of patience and hard work to stand out.

Now, the following status update that I posted last Tuesday shows that I am always open for a return to porn myself. But there is a major condition, and reason for it:

This status update shows that I am by no means a "hypocrite". With that said, if I was to return, would I bring back the name "Tré Xavier"? Absolutely not. "Tré Xavier" was a persona I created with the intention of doing all in porn that I would never try to do in my personal life. A bit of a sexual crash-test dummy, if you will.

Such as my being a member of the leather community like I was for the movie, "B.L.A.K. (Bruthas Live And Kinky)". Or having sex with a homo-thug like I did in movies for Pitbull Productions.

Even if I do return to porn, my audience now knows me as LeNair Xavier. I am not catering to audience mental instability like Brent Corrigan is by being Brent Corrigan in porn, do indie films as Seal Paul Lockhart, then marketing himself again as Brent Corrigan. I am LeNair Xavier, proud of who I am now with that name. And if you're a fan worth your weight in gold, there's no need to put on a see-saw or revolving door of names. I can welcome you on any journey I take with that name.
No longer wanting to be that dummy because of servitude to the industry that comes with being a porn actor is why I won't be making a return to studio-based porn. You'll just have to keep enjoying the occasional video I post on XTube, Pornhub, and the like. For obviously, my aforementioned condition under which I would return is one that I seriously doubt any porn studio would take me up on. So should I return to studio-based porn, it would be totally unexpected,...mostly by me.


  1. Totally on target. You speak truth to those in industry power as well as potential or actual unretirees who expect a different result from doing the same thing. What you say about Sean/Brent is especially apt as the most lost of all the lost boys of gay porn. Please continue to be the industry's conscience and moral compass LeNair.

  2. you should start a post porn support group or something


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