Monday, November 7, 2011

Write That Down #40

This quote was originally written at the same time I wrote the poem, "Paying (Ends---My "Friend")". For it was sparked by the boozer loser in that poem, Toby, and followed by memories of other guys I was involved with, the porn industry, and other past associates whose negative behavior inspired some art work of mine. Be that artwork a song, poem, drawing, or artistic series of some kind like "The Industry".

Now, a few months later, after I've finally got the wording right, the "Write That Down" quote is ready to be unveiled as it reads:
Everyone should live to inspire the various forms of art. And while wrong-doers inspire art conveying fear, anger, heartbreak, and other negative emotions contributing to the balance of life, for this they may not be totally worthless existences. But the ugliness of their souls damn sure makes them undesirable ones.

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