Thursday, November 17, 2011

Banned From The Sex @ 30 Lex

I have mentioned in past blog posts that I was a volunteer at a sex party. But if you recall, I never went into much detail for promoting its actions at length in blog posts like I have with the NY Jock Party, Milk Chocolate NYC Party, and the now ended Hot Jock Party. That sex party that I didn't say much about was then called Olympus, later became Testosterone, and now called Inferno held at 30 Lexington Avenue. The reason I never promoted it was because it was inspiring blog posts about wrongs done at sex parties ----by the host. Namely "Sex Party Etiquette: No Lying Hosts, No Bigoted Patrons" and "Blackout Room = Troll Central Station".

A couple of months ago, I volunteered at the party while it was still called "Testosterone". This was my last time there.

I did the usual job of monitoring the bathroom. When I arrived, I relieved the volunteer who was there at the time, and stood there. After about 30 minutes, the party's floor manager noticed how long I was there, and asked if I wanted to be relieved. I told him I was fine staying there. While standing there a tall, slim, tanned guy came over and we started making out while I was still at the post. As we talked, it turned out his tanned skin in that dark was because he was Italian. He wanted to play with me more in the playroom, but while hoping he wouldn't leave before I had the chance to, I told him I was working. Then about another 15 minutes later, the floor manager came around again, asking if I wanted to be relieved. This time, I told him I did. This made it an entire 45 minutes without a break.

The reason I allowed it to be so long before having a break was so that when I did get a break, I would have a nice long amount of playtime in return. Once the volunteer I relieved came back to resume the post, I went to go play. Luckily, my Italian playmate from before was still there, and I topped him as he laid on his stomach. Once my dick was in his ass, I found myself fucking him like a savage banging against his soft ass cheeks. Then I slowed down, laid on top of him, grinding in his hole to make sure I didn't come too soon. Surprisingly, I didn't with his soft ass underneath me turning me on. Then I picked up speed again, then slowed down again. This back and forth went on for about 15 minutes, with him jerking off and cumming during the last 2 minutes.

I then got on the line for the bathroom to wash off with intentions of going back to play with whomever might be hot in the room. While I was on the line, The volunteer I relieved told me that when I was done in the bathroom, to come back to the post because he wanted to get fucked. I felt this was unfair considering how much time I already allowed him. And in the past, while at that post, I have topped guys and been topped from behind while doing that simple job of telling guys, "One at a time".

To avoid lashing out at the unfairness of this volunteer, I never responded to his request, and went back to playing as I originally planned. The problem that occurred was that the volunteer took it for granted that I was going to do what he asked, and he went off to play as well, which left the bathroom unsupervised. The owner came with an attitude requesting BOTH me and the other volunteer. Even the floor manager said to the host/owner right in front of me how I was standing at the post for such a long time.

My feeling with the owner's attitude was "How dare he?!"

How dare he have an attitude when he's hosting a party where he sends out emails promising all these hot guys, and the few hot guys who come in will fuck once, or not at all, and then jet out the door. I know this because I've been those hot guys' one fuck, and missed out on getting their info. Just like that night. All because the majority of guys are out-of-shape and won't take "No" for an answer. Some out-of-shape to the point of looking like the X-Men nemesis, Blob. OR having White guys with their attitude of "White Entitlement" giving me attitude and rushing past me when I tell them the rule for the bathroom of "One at a time". I say "White Entitlement" because while patrons who are Black and other ethnicities are also annoyed by the rule, they hardly (if ever) gave me a problem like pushing pass me like the White ones have. 

All this, plus the owner's attitude with this incident, I decided I was done volunteering.

One day, I came across a blog listing all the sex parties in the city called "Adventures in Group Sex". With the listings, it also gives reviews. When I saw its review of Testosterone, it was so on point that as a writer, since I had quit over being done lying to myself of the vibe getting any better, I felt the need to let the truth come out to some degree. So I wrote this comment:

LeNair Xavier said...

I used to volunteer at the TESTOSTERONE (formerly OLYMPUS) party, and I agree with all too much with what you've said about it. Hence why I have never wrote a post on my blog to promote it. Unlike MILK CHOCOLATE NYC party which I've dedicated a whole category to. Nor do I write much telling of what I've seen or done at TESTOSTERONE except to post it in my "Sex Party Etiquette" category because someone fucks up. And it's usually one of those old,aggressive, out-of-shape guys that you mentioned in your review.

September 10, 2011 7:57 PM

Well, recently I discovered that I was banned not just from the party Testosterone---but the entire space. 

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  1. I know who you're talking about. I've been in that loft, which it's a bitch to walk, several times in different parties and they always sucks. Doesn't matter who runs the party you always see trolls and the few hot guys will stand around for a while to wait for others to come later or simply go. The only time there was a good ratio of good looking guys and at least average was when Daniel Nardicio used the space for the playgirl mansion.

    I've decided not return there again, because it doesn't matter who or when the party is host it always sucks and it's basically money down the toilet.


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