Monday, November 21, 2011

Far From A Saint With Body Paint

For some time, I have had a kink for body paint. A few years before my coming out, I was in an NYU student film that required me to be body painted. One of the other guys in the cast was into me, but even though at the time I was in denial of my orientation, I know that I had no interest in him. But I was attracted to one of the guys painting me. That brush hit my nipple and I had to hold my breath to make sure the oxygenated blood needed for a hard-on didn't circulate to my cock and make me sport some major wood.

I was trying to avoid getting hard because after all, while I already wasn't accepting my own orientation at the time, I was unaware of the orientation of the guy painting me. Though looking back, I think he was gay, or at least bisexual. But I didn't want my hard dick bulging in my underwear and in his face to put him on the spot. For the thing about artists is that when it comes to their orientation, sometimes, just never know.

Since my coming out, my kink for body paint became more evident to myself. The first instance I recall was at the Baña Pool Party. One of the check-in guys with a simply fit physique was body painted all over. And I mean ALL OVER, as in including his dick. We kept flirting with each other, and one point during the night, by chance we both wound up on line for the bathroom with him standing right in front of me with his nice round ass painted green. During our flirting, he let me feel his ass, and if I could have gotten him away from that check-in table, I would have done everything within my power to get my ass fucked with that green-painted dick of his. I only saw his dick flaccid, so I was especially curious to find out if his dick got painted while it was flaccid or erect. If flaccid, then once hard, the paint would probably look like green-zebra stripes. But if it got painted with him hard, then it would have been so covered that he might have looked like he was related to The Hulk. Trust me, he was simply fit, but he could have fucked my ass hard as if he was The Hulk with no argument from me.

Ever since then, when I see a hot guy body painted, especially all over (or close to it), my sexual fantasy is to have Round 1 with me bottom for him while he's wearing that body paint, then have Round 2 with us fucking in the shower getting that paint off. So you'll have whatever colors of the rainbow coloring our skin, then the water. And considering my preference in men, our being skin to skin will be a great color contrast as well.

So when will I have my day of a roll in the hay with a hot guy in body paint has yet to be seen. But until that sweet day I can experience that kink firsthand, I will keep looking at pics and videos like those in this post to help my fantasies along.

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