Sunday, November 13, 2011

Deeper Said: The Dirty Word Report - Part 1

On Friday, November 4th, I moderated the event presented by Men of All Colors Together/NY called "Saying The Dirty Word...LIVE!" at the LGBT Center in NYC to discuss the present state of racism in the LGBT community.

I began the discussion by focusing on the racism we see in gay porn. One of the many highlights of my night happened early on when I mentioned the scapegoating porn studios try to use for not hiring Black porn models. As an example, I used a quote by Michael Lucas' from the Next Magazine article "White Cock Only". Before even reading that quote of his, the moment I mentioned his name, a room full of various ethnicities (Black, White, Asian, and Latino) made a sigh in unison of "UGHHHH!!!". Hear for yourself in this soundbyte from my audio recording of the evening:

I almost peed my pants trying to hold back laughter over the shock. But since I was the moderator, I did my duty maintaining my composure and carried on. Bringing up the point of how he's so quick to point the finger at Blacks claiming we're homophobic, yet he's quick to hire Whites and Latinos who claim to be "gay-for-pay", which is just internalized homophobia using money as an excuse to release their true gay or bisexual selves.

What Lucas and many other studios fail to realize is that some of us are not naive like the sell-out Whites, Latinos, Blacks, etc. who buy their half-assed excuses. Because what I see is this - you can wave money in the face of a White or Latino from upper-class to trailer trash, and the rules of their cultures will let them sell out their orientation for a buck way easier than Blacks,who while some may live life on the "down-low", it's only the ghetto trash of those Blacks who are going to be dumb enough to put their internalized homophobia on display by getting in front of a camera. So this is not Blacks being more homophobic. It's Blacks being (in a way) more intelligent about not making their lying to themselves so public, then making excuses with their panties in a bunch as they try explaining sexual behavior that greatly contradicts their claimed orientation, like White and Latino "gay-for-pay" porn actors do. Do the names Jeremy Bilding, Wolf Hudson, and Reese Rideout, just to name a few ring any bells?

Maybe rapes of both Black women and men during slavery is probably to blame for Black males taking such a position about guarding their sexual orientation. If so, then that's the silver lining in the dark cloud in our nation's history that is Slavery.

Those rapes of Black males by White slave owners may also be the cause of a mindset passed down through generations of the uber-masculine routine that some Black males do, especially towards Whites, and muscular physiques some Black males feel they must build for acceptance by Whites. With Whites cowering down to it out of White guilt for either their present wealth, sins of their forefathers, or a combination of both. Be it in porn or real life, while I've overcome my racism towards other Black males a great deal, Black males using sex as a weapon in both instances turns me off to them. And the fact that I'm so opposite is probably why at sex parties, when I top a White guy, like all other Blacks topping non-Blacks, I'm initially ignored. Most likely because that image of a Black male using sex as a weapon on light-complexioned people is soooo overdone, especially thanks to the likes of wasted existences like Chi Chi LaRue with his "Blackballed" series. But after awhile, they're interested in watching me once they see how while I'm a passionate and aggressive fucker, I'm also affectionate enough to not be bordering on raping that non-Black bottom.

One thing on the subject of porn that I didn't get to correct was the idea said by one attendee that porn was a fantasy.

Is it really?

For other areas where we see racism never got as much discussion time because our long talk about porn kept leaving room to segue for just a flash into those other areas, like gay nightlife and gay media. Also during the night, the point keep getting made of how porn has influenced so many gay males' racially-based expectations in reality. So blowing off porn as being just a fantasy is the first mistake. It's the reason that themes like "gay-for-pay", and Blacks as overcompensating dominating tops has gotten so out of hand to where too many are OK with it, and those low enough on self-esteem seek it in reality. Porn is not so supposed to be so much fantasy as it is voyeurism.

Another area we were able to touch on a little bit was gay nightlife. I didn't get to talk about the difference in method of payment between Blacks and White go-go boys where White go-go boys are more able to get gigs where they get a base pay. Meanwhile Black go-go boys in NYC often have to work in venues where they're borderline prostitutes by having to cozy up to patrons and give lap dances, then give a portion to the party promoter like a hooker does with their pimp before they make any kind of take-home-money.

However, we were able to address how some patrons are being forbidden entry based on race. This is where our invited guests from GAPIMNY filled us in. They recalled how at the popular Friday night party called "RockIt" thrown by Tony Fornabaio and Brandon Voss that Asian patrons were being turned away.

But the staff at "RockIt" were put to a test that shows how reprehensibly widespread racism in the gay community is. Asians were allegedly being turned away if they came in groups of Asians. However, Asians attending alone or with White friends were allowed in. With the latter, GAPIMNY's Dennis Chin pointed out how this shows how sadly still in this day and age, it is the White aesthetic that gets people of color by. If those people of color are accepted by Whites, they are OK. Otherwise, they are deemed not worth acknowledging. And Dennis couldn't have been more correct in pointing this fact out. I will give you a prime example as to why in Part 2.

Another instance of racism that the guys of GAPIMNY pointed out was the party named "Mars Needs Whores". The problem was that the original name of the party was "Mr. Wong's Dong Emporium", and all the party offered was of an Asian influence. While I don't believe racism was the intent, the controversy that erupted over this in addition to what was expressed in GAPIMNY's open letter to the promoters, I'm sure was also sparked by people who know of the promoters Cazwell and Joey Israel's past parties, therefore knew what to expect - every party staffer being someone they knew from many other popular parties in NYC with not one of them being Asian. If the intent was to "pay homage to Asian culture" as said in an apologetic notice by co-promoter Joey Israel, then how can you have a party in a city where Asians make up a great deal of the city's diversity, YET have no Asian staffers? This is the fact I was trying to convey in my open letter to the promoters that I posted on my Tumblr blog, while the racially-insensitive Whites, Latinos, and others of light-complexion (including Blacks) kept posting comments to those bothered by the marketing saying "Lighten up!"

My response to them is, "No, you insensitive pricks. Why don't you have a heart that goes beyond your cookie-cutter White world, and WISE UP?!"

While they will probably never get it, Karma is a bitch. And the price I forsee them most likely paying will be an ugly one that I will tell you about...

...when you read Part 2.

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