Friday, August 19, 2011

Peeping Tom's September Object

You might recall this paragraph from "Post-Poetry Salon, Then Getting Naked": shy self actually got up the nerve to make some new contacts on my own with a couple of LGBT publishing companies and magazines at the Rainbow Book Fair....I don't want to give away any names here as to who I spoke to, so I don't jinx my chances of something coming to fruition.

One of those magazines that my shy self made contact with was Next Door Magazine.

I was walking around the Rainbow Book Fair as I waited for my turn to present my poem in the Poetry Salon. I've seen Next Door Magazine before and always thought about modeling for it. When I first went to their table, I looked, but didn't say a word. I honestly don't know how many times I came to the table, but I'm sure the guy who was manning the table probably thought I was a stalker after seeing me so many times. But then I told myself, "If you don't speak up, nothing will happen."

I'm sure much of my apprehension is left over from my dealing with the bullshit excuses of porn studios like (rightfully defunct) Black Scorpion Video, Lucas Entertainment, Raging Stallion, Channel 1 Releasing and a few others where they see my picture, and/or meet me in person, make a big display about wanting me, then never hearing a word after. I have now reached a point where I am self-assured enough of my beauty and my talents beyond fucking to not care to anticipate a company’s voice on the phone or see their email address in my inbox.

So after all this, it shouldn't be a surprise that it was with a raised inner-eyebrow that I made my move.

I went up to their table, and asked the guy manning the table how they got their models. He told me that they sometimes put out casting calls, and then he asked me if I was interested. With the door now open, I told him, "Yes".

It turns out he was Stephen Fogg, the Creative Director for the magazine. He gave me his card, and told me to email him some photos. After sending my photos, I got a response telling me that he felt it would "be a great fit". After my previously mentioned dealings with most porn studios, my initial thought was, "I've heard that line before. So I won't hold my breath. I'll let time tell the tale."

And time did tell the tale. In a good way. I got emails from Next Door Magazine keeping me posted on the planned issue, planned time for a shoot, and then a date for me to confirm. With me responding to each one promptly.

One thing I was told for the shoot was to not do too much man-scaping. Because even though some porn stars have appeared in the magazine, with the magazine's slogan being "An Uncommon Magazine Celebrating The Common Man", Next Door Magazine isn't looking for their models to be pretty by unnatural means like shaving or photoshop. I got the email a bit late because I did already trim my pubic hair, because the Sunday before the shoot was Will Clark's Bad Boys On The Hudson Sea Tea, and I couldn't have my pubes peeking out from underneath my underwear. Yes, my pubic hair is that long if it's not trimmed, and it hides about an inch of my erect cock. I will admit that since the shoot, I've become less inclined to shave my chest hair.

Next Door Magazine also puts no pressure on their models to have an erection. Evidently, they go by the logic that I presented in a line from my presentation for "Sex Worker Literati" in December 2009 entitled "Size Queen: The On/Off Switch". The line reads:
" only question about a guy I consider plain and simple…..GOT DICK? ..."

This lack of pressure for a hard-on put me on the verge of growing a hard-on just because I was so relaxed. That's so unlike the stupidity I've experience on porn movie sets where the director's pressure for a hard-on can cause a sex scene to become a bad sense of the word.

One such occasion was during one of my scenes for porn director Tyson Cane, I was bottoming and my dick wasn't hard. Tyson Cane told me to cover my dick while I'm getting fucked yelling, "Nobody likes a limp dick!"

He would have been right...if I was a TOP in the scene. But he's such a size queen that the reality never dawned on him that when you're a bottom, people really don't care. And in all reality, what bottom covers their dick during sex. Jerk-off: yes, but cover: NO. Porn fans do notice these dumb moves, and it's the distancing himself from reality in such a way as to why he has failed, and other porn studios of various genres are slowly, surely, but secretly following suit in failure.

I think it's safe to say that I enjoyed this shoot. Working with Stephen Fogg and the photographer Britt Carpenter was an extremely pleasing departure from the many things I experienced in the video end of adult entertainment.  It's because all of the undisclosed groupings, rejections, cock-injections, pill-popping, and photoshopping  - things that have turned porn movies into parodies even when they're not trying to be parodies, were all gone from this shoot. And just think, after enduring all that in the gay porn video industry, I almost allowed myself to be discouraged and not give getting this shoot a try.

So here we are with the end result being you as my Peeping Tom. And it being my pleasure to be peeped by you. So make sure you get a copy of the September issue of Next Door Magazine, because from what I've seen, there's a little something for everyone in this issue. Enjoy.

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