Monday, August 15, 2011

The Asian Experience, Part 1

I find all races sexy. And while the prowess and presence of Blacks in the porn industry are understated, therefore under-appreciated, thereby under-utilized, the sexiness of Asian men is practically completely unstated, therefore unappreciated, thereby not utilized at all. But I have a couple of experiences with 1 Asian that shows why that should not be the case.

This Asian was someone I dated very briefly. Only one date to be exact, but after that date, we remained friends. However, even hanging out as friends, I sensed some sexual tension, and confronted him about those feelings. He said we were friends, but that he does have friends that he hooks up with occasionally. Since he didn't mention me as one of those possible hook-ups, I thought the coast was clear. And just when I was about to go into another subject, he burst out with, "But I still think about it with you, too." 

A part of me knew it, but the other part of me was in shock, and unfortunately the part in shock is what took over my mouth, because I told him that we had a good thing as friends and I wouldn't want to ruin that. What makes it worse is that I knew I was lying even while saying it. Because as that lie flew out of my mouth, I was thinking back to how on the night I met him, while we danced, I enjoyed rubbing his smooth chest, feeling his well-toned arms, and sneaking a touch of the 1st inch of roundness of his ass, just below his waist. We never spoke of it again, but a few short months later, he got me. 

Back when Avalon had Sundays as their gay night, we once ran into each other. From 10 - 11, only the bar was open, then after 11 or 12, they opened the dance floor. We walked around all the levels together, then we got to one of the upper levels. We looked back, and we saw a dark area near the stairwell. 

He said, "It looks like a dark alley way. Maybe they meant for it to look that way." He then turned to me, and started rubbing my chest, and I showed my true feelings and returned the favor by rubbing on his. He then walked away, and went into what seemed to be a single bathroom near there. Now, I'm not one for bathroom sex, but I figured, it's clean, no one's been in there tonight, so go for it. And he must have been hoping I would because he left the door unlocked. I walked in and he asked if I had a condom. I told him I did, pulled one out of my pocket and gave it to him. I didn't even look down to see his dick, I just turned around dropped my pants, and waited for his cock, however big it was, to open my tight hole. 

From the second the tip of the head of his cock touched my asshole, I got completely relaxed. Because all the mysteries about him below the waist were about to be revealed. I reached back, and massaged his balls and played with his pubes while guiding his cock into me. Once he was in, I reached back to massage his ass, and I could feel it flex with each thrust into me. I didn't realize how much I wanted his cock until I became aggressive and started grinding up and down on his dick. But that was too much for him, because he told me, "Oooh, don't do that with your ass, because you're going to make me cum too soon, then I'll have to go home." 

So I had to for once, just be still and enjoy the sensation of a cock sliding in and out of my hole, and the moans that came from him, because he loved how my tight asshole wrapped around his cock. And it was AWESOME. 

Once he came. I started grinding up against his butt and fondling his sweaty balls and his dick still moist from the mixture of cum and lube from the condom, and massaging his thighs as well. I then squatted down, then kissed and licked both ass cheeks. 

I told him, "I've always wanted to know what they look like naked." 

As you can see, to make me reveal my sexual attraction to him like that, when I say 'he got me', he really got me. 

Afterwards, we went our separate ways. I hung out with someone else, and so did he. And we didn't talk to each other for a few months. That is until one summer night, when I was considering going out to Splash, my cell phone rang with the surprise of it being him on the other end.

Originally posted on ThugPornBlog in 2007

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