Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Asian Experience, Part 2

My cell phone rang one summer night, and I knew who ever it was, had an Asian accent. I had no idea who it was because I didn't recognize the phone number.The guy sounded pleasant enough, somewhat familiar, and he knew my name. Then I asked, "Who is this?" 

When he said the name, he put me in shock once again. It was him. My Asian hottie who gave me a fuck I'll never forget in a single bathroom at Avalon. He then gave me another shock. He was planning on moving back to Hong Kong by the end of the year. 

We had a good conversation about what each of us were up to. Then he asked me, "You've never been to my apartment, have you?" 

I replied, "No". 

"So you want to come over", he said. "We can have dinner and watch a movie." 

I was all geared up to go to Splash and dance the night away, but I said, "Sure." 

We planned a time, and I went. Completely unsure if this invitation of dinner and a movie included sex. I arrived late, which being the perfectionist I am, bugged me, but he was cool about it. 

While eating the dinner that he cooked (very well might I add), he told me that he had been thinking about moving back to Hong Kong for a while now. In fact, he officially made the decision about just before he met me, which explained alot. Such as the reason I stopped calling him was because I felt he wasn't putting in enough effort to get to know me. At that point, I realized why. His plans for the future were pre-occupied. 

He also told me he was spending a lot of time at the beach. Then he proceeded to tell me he had a tan that I would get to see later. Well that answered my question. Sex was included in the invitation to dinner and a movie. 

After dinner, we took a shower together, and I got to see how his upper body and lower legs were darker than his butt and thighs. With my thing for wet male bodies, you know I enjoyed soaping him up and rubbing his entire back from the neck on down to his ankles. 

After the shower, he gave me a pair of bikini underwear to put on. It was a pair that matched his. He caught himself babbling about how good my ass looked in them. Which I enjoyed, because I knew the more excited he got about my ass, the more intense a fuck he was going to put on me. He then had me lay on a chair that was the width of a love-seat, but long like a twin-size bed. When I layed down, I noticed I could see myself - in a full-length mirror angled in the direction of the chair. Now, I was getting real antsy to get plugged with his rod, because I knew when he started fucking me, I would see his ass flex while he pounded me. 

And that's just the view I got when he started to fuck me. He would sometimes tell me to look in the mirror, which there was no need to. I was seeing just what I wanted to see. His light ass flexing and shaking with each thrust into me. And me constantly groping his ass. I kept moaning things like, "Oh give that dick", "let me squeeze that ass", and "Oh Baby, your ass looks so fuckin' good, work it while you work that dick in me." 

And I didn't lie. Meanwhile, he's moaning and sweating with drops falling on me. And when I saw the sweat in the mirror on his back and ass, I really started begging for his dick. And when he came, every final hard thrust was my cue to grab another sweaty body part. His thighs, his ass, his back, I wanted it all. 

Afterwards, we layed together on the chair and watched "Alien Resurrection". So it was a weird order of things. Instead of the usual: dinner, movie, then sex. This time it was - dinner, sex, then the movie. 

After the movie, we decided to go to bed. He let me sleep on that huge chair, and he opted to sleep on a day bed in the living room. But a little while later, he came back, and joined me on the chair getting in front of me to spoon with me. We were both laying there with the same pair of underwear on. And as he leaned against me, my dick started getting so hard. I wasn't a versatile bottom, then. Back then, I was only a bottom. But it was asses like his that made me start experimenting with guys later. For being a man of few regrets, one of those few regrets of mine is that I didn't grab a condom, slip my hard-on right in between those smooth round mounds, and fuck him senseless just as he pleasingly fucked me. Instead, I fell asleep with a smile on my face because of 1)his body warmth in front of me, 2)my hard cock that wanted to ravish his ass, and 3) even though his cock wasn't that big, he fucked me with such passion , it felt like his cock was still in my ass. 

The next morning, we got up and I wrote down my email address before he walked me out, but we kissed so much after I wrote it down, we both forgot to make him give me his. Before he finally left for Hong Kong, I did run into him a couple of times, and it always slipped my mind. I do however run into a friend of his when I go out dancing, so maybe one day I'll get it from him. And if I do, should I discover he's coming here to New York, I may invite him to another tryst, or maybe I'll just say "Hello". That's the funny thing about time passing. You never know.

Originally posted on ThugPornBlog in 2007

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  1. That was a really heart warming story. Thanks for sharing that. X


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