Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Secret To A Good Blowjob? (ANSWERED)

Dunkin St. Laurent, author of "Dunkin's Playground" recently asked:
While I to date gave the only answer, this leads to my follow-up question:
What do you think is the secret to a good blowjob, meaning one that'll make you come?
When I first posted this question yesterday, I said that after the 1st response that I'll give an answer to my own question. First off, it's a shame that after all the hits this post has gotten so far, that it was a woman who gave an answer. So kudos to the woman who commented.

Anyway, while enthusiasm and a love of doing it are components to a good blowjob, they are not the secrets to a good one. Because you can be enthused and like doing it all you want, but if you don't do it properly, you are of no good to the recipient. So if it takes forever (or never) for him to shoot a load from you giving a blowjob, lack of skill could be part of the reason why.

While it is called "sucking dick", just putting your mouth around the cock isn't going to do much but bore him. I know because that's what it does for me. Yet too many guys wrap their mouth around the dick and nothing more. I think with so few guys lacking the proper skill, most guys you hear moaning in an orgy, sex party, or porn scene are doing so because they taught themselves that this is what's expected of them when someone attempts to give them head. Well, I'm big on being honest with myself. And if you suck at giving head, don't expect a hard-on, don't expect moaning, don't expect a rubbing of your head....because it's not fucking happening!

The secret to making a guy come from getting a blowjob is to use all parts of the mouth. Along with your lips and saliva, use a little suction to let him know you're trying to suck that man-milk produced in his balls with a thick straw called "his dick", and also use the somehow most ignored part of the mouth needed to make the best of blowjobs----the tongue.

It might surprise you to know that even though you have one, you might not have realized that the main point of sensation for a blowjob or actual intercourse is the head of the penis, especially in uncut males. But even with that being the case, you need to work the shaft as well, with your lips and tongue giving it a good massage. But do take NOTE:

Any guy trying to shove his entire shaft down your throat is overcompensating for the lack of power he has in his character.

Now back to the importance of the tongue and the head as your target. You need to tongue the head of the penis by licking it, sucking it, and slurping on it, while making the head your main focus point for combining your lips, tongue, and suction. But the part of the head that really needs the attention of your tongue and saliva is the frenulum of the penis.
When I first became sexually active, I thought that this was a sensitive area for only uncut men like myself. However, I've learned over time by the throbbing sensations and eruptions of jizz that I've caused by playing with this area on circumcised men, that it's a sensitive area on them as well.

So now you have the secret to creating a nice man-milk bath for yourself. Or (if you swallow) a protein shake.

Now, if I missed anything, feel free to answer here or in the comments section.


  1. i don't have a penis, but i have heard that enthusiasm and a simple love of doing it counts for a lot. i'm curious to see what others say. btw, i am allowed to comment even though i don't have a penis, right?

  2. i do all those things, so i guess the feedback i've gotten about enthusiasm really translate to skill plus enthusiasm. can't argue with the results. i completely concur! :) would like to hear from those who have penises besides you, though ;)

  3. @zebrasnake

    Enthusiam and skill is a must!! I also agree with a lot of what LeNairXavier says and all of the guys that I have been with (oh I am not a ho lol!)have come back for more (no pun intended). And yes, I have a penis. xxx

  4. yay! someone with a penis responded :) xoxoxox!!


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