Friday, August 26, 2011

Long Overdue Screw

Some weeks ago, I went to the Friday night sex party that I used to volunteer for. I'm no longer associate myself with that party for reasons that are another story that I may or may not tell. But on to telling of one of the happier moments at that party.

This group thing was going on in a corner. I became part of it. I've mentioned before that I have an odd ability to see some degree well in the dark, and in the midst of that action, I saw a new face. He was gorgeous with a beautiful body, but he wasn't within my reach just yet. Once he was near me, someone else was feeling him up. He might have even been fucking him. By this time, we were closer. We saw each other and we locked in on each other. We started kissing. Then it became a situation that no matter what that other guy was doing to him already, he wanted more from me. So he left the other guy, and came to me. And instead of just kissing, we began hugging as well. Of course, not without the usual hands interrupting, on him mostly.

I couldn't tell if those hands were interrupting out of desperation to be accepted by this gorgeous man, or as much as I don't want to think it in 2011 (and even more so at that moment), were grabbing him because of them being White like he was, they felt "entitled" to have him more than I. Every Black man reading this that has been to a sex party with patrons of various ethnicities knows this to be a true occurrence at sex parties.

Anyway, I wasn't making it a contest, but he chose me. And we went over to the large chair, and I laid down on it. I may have been jumping the gun to think that he was a top, but as much as I liked the feel of groping his ass with my hands, at that moment I wanted my asshole and ass tunnel to grope his dick more.

He fucked me with everyone watching. The sex was mind-blowing. I'm not a drug-user, but that connection to one another's energy plus his strokes inside me made the sex feel as if I was high as a kite. Normally when I bottom, my dick isn't that hard if at all, but this time, it was harder than usual. And while groping his ass while he fucked me, a desire to flip the script was growing with my cock. I started fucking his ass, and laid him down on his stomach. His ass felt amazing. A warm fleshy cylinder wrapped around my dick in between 2 cushiony soft ass cheeks. Even though it felt amazing, I wanted more dick. He obliged and fucked me some more. This time with me on my stomach.

We were going at it so long we needed a break. We discussed getting each other's info so we could hook up outside of the party. Me and past playmates have made that agreement before, and missed out, but this time, even though I left him to go back to do my volunteering duties for a bit, I was determined to make sure we both would make good on that agreement.

There was one patron that night who at first seemed hot, but later turned out to be an annoyance. Because he was a definite candidate for my category, "Why You're Single" by trying to direct all the group action, instead of just letting it happen. Later on he wound up playing my with new playmate. And he obviously enjoyed him as I did. Because as the party closed, I saw him give my new playmate his info. I was hoping my playmate saw through the guy's control freakish and/or desperate behavior and never hooked up with him.

Well, a few weeks passed, and I wasn't able to get together with my new playmate. But a friend with benefits sent me a text message inviting me to be part of some group sex action on a Saturday night. Out of my craving for a reunion with my new playmate, and considering how it is a small world, my wishful thinking made me say to myself, "Wouldn't it be great if my new playmate from that sex party was there?"

As it turns out, of the 5 of us total, he wasn't there. Instead, Fate saw fit to play a cruel joke on me by letting the wannabe-porn director bossy bottom be there. By being introduced in the light of my FWB's living room, I thought it was him, but wasn't sure. But once the sex started, so did his "bossy bottom" routine again and the voice change that comes with it.  That's how I knew for sure. Maybe it wasn't so much a cruel joke by Fate after all. Because this run-in made me more desperate than ever to get a reunion with that playmate.

I'm often so busy, that it can become hard to maintain an if not totally clean, an at least presentable apartment. So that's what I spent the next week completing. Once done, I sent him a text letting him know that I was ready for him.

We made plans for us to meet that coming Friday afternoon. Then come that Friday, as we're sending texts to confirm, he sends a text telling me that he must be at a friend's party early that evening, which would give us a 1 hour 45 minutes or 2 hours at the most. Since I didn't want a rush-fuck, as much as I didn't want to, I offered to postpone. But he replied thinking the same as me ---- "Nooooo let's meet.... It's been too long".

So we met. When he got off the train, he called me. I told him how to get to my place from there, and I'd meet him halfway. Once I stepped outside of my building, I looked towards the corner, and saw him. Now, I have a next door neighbor who is every negative stereotype of an older Black woman living in a ghetto apartment complex, which is sad because I live in a brownstone. She spends her days doing nothing with her life but sitting on the steps of the building being loud and nosey. Well this day, she decided to get real leisure by having a chair and sitting out on the street and not on the stoop. So when I walk down the street to meet him, if she has good enough eyesight, she got a good look at him giving me a "hello" kiss on the mouth. Once realizing he wasn't in his own territory, he asked me if it we as gays were allowed to do public displays like that around my neighborhood. I told him that I've now gotten to the point with my sexuality as I am about the rest of my life with my motto being...."What you see is what you get. And I don't give a fuck."

As soon as we got into my studio apartment, he was greeted by the screen between the refrigerator and my bed to separating my kitchen from the bedroom. Once over by my bed, I reached across the side of it to my desk to go on my laptop for my iTunes playlist of The LXTreme Sex Mix. I never got a chance to be a proper host, and offer him something to drink before he put his stuff down and started stripping. Once his shirt was off, the only liquids I concerned with were from within him---- his sweat and then his cum.

Even without a fan or air-conditioning, it was a nice enough day that my apartment was a decent temperature. That is until we got together. We started feeling each other up. He felt and was impressed with the bulge in my jeans just from seeing him shirtless. Then he took off his jeans, and I was impressed by the pup tent in his teal underwear a shade lighter than his teal shirt. I took off my jeans, then we took off our underwear simultaneously. So now we were back to the way we met with no clothes blocking the good flow of energy that made us want each other. We got on my bed and kissed smiling at each other in between kisses.

I realized that the light in my room was still on. And it seems unlike most, I like it that way during sex. Because besides the fact that I love seeing my sex partners in all their erotic glory, we met at the dimly lit party that inspired my blog post, "Blackout Room = Troll Central Station". So that made me crave to see him in his erotic glory even more so.

While we loved kissing each other, we knew what we really wanted was to be inside each other. But before even getting there, I laid on my back and he started playing with my dick, remembering how I'm uncut and how much he liked it. His dick was up and ready to probe my ass, and while I may have been so drunk with lust that I can't recall, even though I'm not a fan of oral sex, after seeing his dick, I did want to taste it. But never got a chance to remind him of my oral prowess because in his enthusiasm over my uncut dick, his going down on me and reminding me of his prowess was more memorable for me.

He then turned me on my stomach. He looked down at my ass, and I could feel a smile was on his face as he said while massaging it, "Just as I remember it."

What was bringing a smile to my face before this moment was knowing that my ass tunnel was going to be filled wall-to-wall with his cock driving through it. So when he turned me on my stomach, laid down on top of me and started grinding his cock against my ass, my hole was twitching to open up just enough to let him in. When he got off my back enough for me to know that he was going in, I reached for my tube of WET Gellee. I put some on my ass and on his dick, and let him stick his cock in me. As soon as he got in, we both gave out a sigh of, "Ooooo yeah!"

Relief that this private fuck was finally happening.

His dick hit all the right places inside me to make me moan blissfully. Then he picked up speed in his thrusts. And because of those hard thrust, our moans weren't the only causes of noise. My bed was squeaking too. Since I live in a small studio, those moans and squeaks of the bed might have been drowned out by the music I had playing. And if it didn't, I could care less. So what? We're all adults in this building. At the moment, I just happened to have a hot guy fucking my brains out.

I then turned around with him on his knees. I straddled him, and put his cock back inside me and started riding him. Looking into each other's eyes smiling at how good it felt. The entire time I was riding him, I was running my hands all over his body that was now sweaty, which fueled that kink of mine. We stopped for a moment so he could straighten out his legs underneath him. and then I rode him some more. He then laid back as I continued riding him in a cowboy position. I considered turning around so I could see his fit legs and he could see my ass go up and down as it engulfed his big dick that showed no signs of shrinking anytime soon, but I thought to myself, "Hopefully, if there's a next time, then that will be another position we can try."

I started to lean back and he got up with me. I laid on my back to get in my favorite position - missionary. The beauty of the lights being on still showed itself by me being able to see his dick slide in and out, and I would look between his arm and side of his torso to see a profile view of that nice hill of an ass go up and down. And I when I would just lay back and take his dick, my hands were massaging that soft ass.

He then stopped, laid next to me, and asked if I wanted to fuck him. And I most certainly did. I got the lube again, but this time for my dick and his ass. I started fucking him doggy-style, and realized something I didn't at the sex party. He has such a soft ass, that when you fuck it from behind, bounces. I didn't realize that before because when I fucked him at the party, he was on his stomach, and not on all-fours like he was at that moment. I didn't know where to put my hands because every part of him is beautiful from head to toe. I think at one point while fucking him, I actually massaged his calves. I was getting so overwhelmed by it all that for a moment, I thought I was going to come. But I didn't. I pulled out, and let him fuck me some more.

By this point, there was almost nowhere to go on my bed that wasn't a big wet spot from our sweat. I laid on my stomach, grinding his dick, arching my back, then I could feel his dick swelling to shoot his load. I loved the feeling of his cock pulsing to squeeze out his cum. And all those text messages I sent to him over those weeks to let him know I still wanted him had finally paid off. For it led to me also feeling his body against my ass and hearing his breathing, as both shuttered from the release of built-up sexual tension.

We laid on my now drenched sheets exhausted. We talked for a bit, and he mentioned being concerned about me not shooting a load. I told him how I didn't need to. You see, I'm sexually satisfied when my top is sexually satisfied. So I don't need to come. In fact, my doing a cumshot in movies was only because directors wanted it. My movie cumshots had nothing to do with being driven to it by that movie's top. But if I was doing a movie with this guy, trust me, that had a great potential to change. Because what we had just done was nowhere near the "visualized prostitution" (as I call it) porn is today. It was so good, I'm sure people seeing just a little bit wouldn't dare try for a bootleg copy.

As with any guest to my place, I walked him to the train station. Afterwards, I went to do some grocery shopping. Whenever I stood still, I started doing my Kegels to get my tightness back that his deep, hard pounding might have undone. While doing my Kegels, I realized even more so how that fuck session was a definite workout. Because just like with a workout, especially when you work your legs, once I stood still, sure my asshole was getting tight again, but I felt like my legs could give way if I didn't consciously focus on standing up. When I initially felt that, I wondered to myself, "Why are my legs hurting? What did I do while fucking to make them feel like Jell-OOOOH!"

That's when I remembered.

Between stretching my legs apart, stretching to rest them on his shoulders, and pulling them in close during missionary, being on all-fours during doggy-style, intertwining mine with his while spooning, squatting when I was riding his dick, and balancing myself while topping him, I put my legs through the paces for a good 45 minutes non-stop. More so than usual because this was an extremely passionate fuck. One born of out that saying "absence makes the heart grow fonder". Only this time, it was "absence made our dicks and asses grow fonder". After all, it had been over a month, almost 2 months since we met at that party, fucked like savages there and wanting to hook up away from the party crowd. And now that it finally happened, it should be no surprise that we fucked so hard that we wet up my bed. Everywhere we positioned ourselves while fucking looked as if glasses of water was thrown in that spot on my bed.

So my jelly legs, sweat-drenched bed, and hope for another helping are all results of what happens when you endure the pleasures of a long overdue screw.

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