Monday, June 6, 2011

LeNair Xavier - Leslie/Lohman Bartender

Yes, you read correct.

This Friday, if you come to the Back to the Basement Art Sale's opening reception at the Leslie/Lohman Basement Annex, you'll see me there as your bartender.

I was honored to be asked. Even more so when I saw the list of artists whose works will be on display and for sale. Because as it turns out, I have modeled for 3 of the 15 artists: Rob Clarke, Anthony Gonzales, and Chuck Nitzberg.

As I have mentioned before, Anthony Gonzales drew some sketches of me at the 2006 Erotic Art Fair, and was kind enough to let me have one of them. And Rob Clarke and Chuck Nitzberg were both in attendance when I was modeling at the Leslie/Lohman Erotic Drawing Studio recently.

Now, I've been given the OK to at least be shirtless for your viewing pleasure, so given the exhibitionist that I am, you can guarantee on seeing some live skin. Skin that you won't find in any of the pictures, but can still counter America's repression towards nudity. Looking forward to seeing you there.

Back to the Basement Art Sale
Leslie/Lohman Basement Annex
127-B Prince Street
New York, NY

Opening Reception
June 10: 6-9 PM

Art Fair and Sale
June 11 & 12: 12 - 6PM

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