Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Folsom Street East 2011

I was arriving late for things related to Folsom Street East 2011 all day.

First, I got there late for my volunteering duties to help with set-up. And no, I purposely did NOT go out the night before. However, being the dutiful person that I am, not only did I make up for how late I arrived, but I stayed a little beyond. Once done, I went home, and it took me forever to return. In fact, I didn't arrive to Folsom Street East until 5:30 while it started at 2 and ended at 7.

Once there, I went to the volunteer table to go drop trou and wear my fancy underwear. It wasn't long before people were gawking at me and asking to take my photograph. As you'll read later, I even had a porn actor demand my underwear from me. I guess have good taste.

I did get some pics of hot guys though. However, I've distanced myself from the porn industry now to the point that the only way I knew that these guys were pornstars was either by them appearing at the Will Clark Show, seeing their names often on Facebook and/or Twitter, or just by mention of their names that day. Hotties like:

Kennedy Carter

Angyl Valantino & Hot Rod
Good thing I already had my little outfit planned out. Otherwise, I would have probably shown up in something very similar to or the same as Hot Rod.

 And Jessie Colter who saw my underwear and jokingly demanded them. 
My initial thought was to offer a switch. Which if you think about it, his BIG body in my size SMALL skivvies would have worked ---for him. However, my small body in his BIG jockstrap---not so great a look. I also considered very much the way college guys fuck girls and keep their panties as the prize, to let him fuck me for my undies. But something made me not make the offer. Good thing, because in doing my research for this post, I discovered Jessie Colter is a big bottom.

Oh well, I did get a pleasing dick in my ass that night. It just wasn't Jessie's. But that's another story maybe for another post.

Lastly, I made sure to get up close so that I could see the closing of Folsom Street East with the always popular Pie Eating Contest.

Afterwards, I was asked if I had ever entered the contest. And the answer is NO.
Which brought to mind the question as to whether or not I would do it if asked?
The answer to that question: Maybe.
And with that maybe, I leave us both to wonder would an ass-man like me who has a nice ass be the ass-eating pig or the ass-eating pig's troth? Hmmm...

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  1. Hi, LOVE the blog! I was wondering, Does Jessie smoke cigarettes or cigars? I have a blog myself that has a strong lean towrds smoke and piss fetish. Thanks!


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