Monday, June 27, 2011

Back As A Bad Boy In 2011

After 2 years away from the stage, come July 10th, I'll be back as one of the performers on Will Clark's Bad Boys On The Hudson Sea Tea.

Now with all that has transpired between me and the gay porn industry, one might ask what am I doing back as one of the "Bad Boys"? Is this a sign of a return to the porn industry?

The answer is NO. But with the beneficiary being Braking The Cycle, and all of the proceeds going to help fund the HIV/AIDS services at the LGBT Center here in New York City, since you can take the exhibitionist out of porn, but you can't take the exhibitionist out of the man, I decided to let my returning as a Bad Boy be a way to put my exhibitionist nature to use for something good and worthwhile.

Now let's talk gift bags.

Each performer is expected to bring a gift bag. Most likely featuring movies that they've been in. Well, with my retirement and recent move, I've decided to make this the perfect time to clean out my closet of some things that are taking up space in my closet, but can be fun in yours. So with that in mind, I'm giving away all of my copies of the movies that I'm in that I've ranted and raved at some one or another about how I enjoyed being a part of it. Along with that, I'm giving away some of the sex toys that you've seen me play with in my XTube videos. And I may throw in a few other little things as well.

I was eyewitness to the live show last year, and just like these pictures show from the last time I was a part of the entertainment,
 what I saw gives me every reason to anticipate that this year we are going to once again give new meaning to how the Hudson River is thought to have some "dirty waters".

Such dirty waters that the live show seems to motivate audience members to put on shows of their own. This includes myself last year, who along with my guest got quite frisky with each other while standing on the sidelines. Let's just say while we were trying to be discreet, some of the guests on the boat were eyewitness to how thick and hot pink the head of the cock was that I took in the first night me and my guest met and fucked in a bathroom tryst about a week or two earlier.

So with all that in mind, I hope all of you NY-based or NY-bound fans and readers will click on this link to be on that Sea Tea come July 10th with tickets being $22 in advance, but a little more at the gate. With all the dancing and other things that will be going on, there will be no need or desire to fasten seat-belts, because it's going to be a humpy night.

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