Tuesday, May 17, 2011

OUR Thrusts (Right and Tight)

As I said in my previous post "Working On CHALLENGER", while size-queens may not be as important an issue to the community as racism, sexism, and ageism (the other topics to be addressed in the series), it is still a problem. I feel this way because when looked at more closely, the fact that being a size-queen where men are looked upon as lacking in manhood for a naturally smaller penis is almost as bad as being a racist, sexist, or ageist. For you are ostracizing someone and making them feel less human and less relevant over something that is beyond their control.

In the previous paragraph, I italicized the word "naturally". I did that to highlight the reality that some men have smaller penises by way of their own actions as opposed to naturally, such as by taking steroids. In such a case, the size of their penis IS within that male's control. Therefore, any ridicule that man ensues is self-inflicted.

One matter that had to be addressed in talking about size-queens is the misconception about ethnicity being a deciding factor in the quality of the sex by way of cock size and passion. When I thought I was done writing the poem, but still feeling that it was missing something...THIS was the something that was missing. Once addressed, THEN the poem became complete.

In my post, "Reply To 'White Cocks Only'", I argued against Michael Lucas' racist claims of Blacks being more homophobic by pointing out the fact of how it is not as profitable for Blacks to internalize their homophobia the way it is profitable for Whites who are allowed to internalize their homophobia by calling themselves "gay-for-pay" and be hired by the 2-faced likes of Michael Lucas and other "mainstream" porn studios. Well just as I made a way more that plausible argument there, I can do the same about the lack of Asians in "mainstream" gay porn.

Many have claimed that the lack of Asians in American gay porn is because of the teachings of Asian culture. I have always disagreed with this to a point, and have always found those who believe it to be the sole reason to be totally gullible. Because while there are obvious issues displayed in Asian culture by Asian porn pixelating male genitalia, there are still Asian men taking part in porn movies. Just not Caucasian-made porn movies. If one stops taking the easy route of putting the total blame on Asian culture, one might realize that it may very well also be because Asian men see the writing on the wall of the size-queen mindset of too many porn directors, which make them hesitant to apply to Caucasian gay porn companies. Because the same way Black males are exiled to ethnic porn because of their skin color, a less than brawny physique, and/or hair cut/style indicative of their African descent, Asian males know that unless they have a penis that is above the average size supposed for an Asian male, that they too will be automatically exiled to only 2 choices while Whites have many. 

It is this size-queen mindset that has made Asians like Brandon Lee in gay porn and Keni Styles in straight porn able to perform in more "aggressive" roles in the porn industry. While a lesser endowed Asian gets little to no respect for his sexual prowess worthy of praise. 

This leaves 2 choices for the Asian perceived as "common". And both entail being exiled. Exiled to a) bottom for Caucasian-owned gay porn companies when they are actually tops (and some damn good ones), or; b) do their own ethnic porn.

And choice (b) is exactly what most Asians wanting to do porn are doing. Which puts a wrinkle in the idea that Asians won't do porn totally because of their culture. Because if such was the case, that video included in my post "Asian Sensations Helped Make ME" wouldn't exist. A video that I would imitate in a brief porn comeback intended to blow narrow-minded so-called minds. Undoing all porn-induced racial perceptions by imitating every move....with my Black ass getting pounded and contorted into every position by a HOT Asian top.

Let me re-iterate that my praise of Asian men comes from experience. Because every Asian man I've ever had sex with gave me actual pleasure, instead of making me have to fake it the way I did with my past scene partners Double R and Kamar Tyson, who both had a few inches in length and width on those Asian men. Which just goes to show that when you have a nice tight asshole like mine (inside, as well as outside), you are a much better judge as to whether or not bigger is better.

And let me testify,...IT'S NOT a guarantee at all.

This leads to the other issue addressed in the poem of fisting and the insertion of large inanimate objects (like bats and oversized dildoes), and calling it "sexual fun".

(Anyone in the psychiatric field, please correct me if I am wrong in this summation I am about to make.)

I believe anyone who practices any of these things are victims of verbal and/or physical abuse who have sexualized their abuse as a way to cope. And various forms of abuse are common to out gays. This explains why I am so much against these sexual practices. I feel this way because I don't want people to use body-damaging practices in their sexual expression. And if you don't think it's body-damaging, take note of this fact:

I took this picture of my asshole entering myself into a contest for "Prettiest Pucker" (that I didn't win, but obviously should have). Coincidentally, I bottomed for someone quite well-endowed less than 24 hours prior to taking this picture.
And FYI,...I did not tighten my hole for this shot.

Now, I'm sure the bottoms in these following pics couldn't say the same about their asshole looking as tight in less than 24 hours, which is a shame.
Because being able to see this much human inner-flesh of the rectum is NOT the sign of a healthy sexual practice.

In the beginning of this intro, I mentioned guys naturally having a certain cock-size, and how males can undo that. Well, the same holds true for size-queens. By being a single person requiring your various sex partners to have a big dick, and/or practicing fisting or anal play with large objects, you are undoing your possibility of bottoming for a man of just any size.

If you think this isn't a problem, consider this:
What if the man who treats you more respectably than any other just happens to have an average size penis? Then what?

Are you going to let the size-queen rule, or common sense?

While you think about that, take note of all these ideas being summarize in the 1st poem of my CHALLENGER series, 
"OUR Thrusts (Right and Tight)"

1 comment:

  1. great post finally a real hero among men here,online.

    Penis length , and certain race- facial features (you know which one), are the two main evils haunting men all over the world.

    It is time we banished it or free its soul back to hell , it is creeping into our lives and love life and even our minds.

    The penis is an excretory organ and to base it as the decider of male beauty is gross and brainless ,what about eyes, lips, hair, skin each man on this planet has beauty if we keep our brains stupid by following old stereotypes life will end soon,let us identify and portray the beauty and uniqueness of each man on this planet.

    Thank you for saving us.


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