Monday, May 2, 2011

LeNair Xavier: CHALLENGER - Promo

My recent post, "Working On CHALLENGER" laid the groundwork as to what the poems in my next poetry series are to be about. 

A recent post at The Sword mentioning "Working On CHALLENGER" seemed harmless. Maybe it was to applaud me. Maybe it was to mock me. But the comments from The Sword's readers however...makes it clear as to why these issues intended for my poetry series need to be addressed.

Now you would think I would be angry or hurt by the comments at The Sword. But the truth is I didn't experience either emotion. And I would be a fool if I did. Because after all, with the reputation that it now has, one must take into account of how this is The Sword that we are talking about. The only reason I'm giving it this much attention is because it's a perfectly timed example as to why these issues need to be brought to the forefront in my poetry series.

Case in point: One comment at The Sword tried to accuse me of being "pretentious" for my intentions with this series. Really?!

What is pretentious about wanting to see a community you are a part of better itself? Especially, when it is more than a little obvious that something is wrong with it?

Not a damn thing! Because it's called "caring for you and your fellow man alike". Because we do not live in this world alone.

So to find me pretentious, those readers at The Sword are showing themselves to be people who live their lives escaping the problems in the world around them. Which usually means that common escapism tools like drugs and/or alcohol come into the picture often. And they try to make themselves feel big by damning any and every body who takes a stand to make the world around them better. Because they are actually envious of you, since they are doing nothing but being part of the problem, and nowhere near the solution. And since they're making themselves nowhere near the solution, I probably share their parents sentiments about their behavior. That being how I'm not angry, nor hurt...Instead I am disappointed. But since I'm not their parents, my disappointment isn't crippling me.

In fact, just fueled my fire. Thanks, guys!

This poetry series is not directed at The Sword. It is directed at the ENTIRE American LGBT community. The behavior of the readers of The Sword was just a sign of what is making the American LGBT community its own worst enemy.

So whenever or wherever I present these poems, I hope you'll be there. And if you can't be there, watch the videos when I put them online.

Thanks for your continued support.

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