Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fleeing Out Of Clothes Fleet Week Weekend

We are in the midst of a 3-day weekend. And it makes perfect sense as to why wherever I hang out this weekend, I'll be hanging out in close to nothing.

I was already at the latest Milk Chocolate Party NYC last night, trying to be the usual party motivational fucker. I haven't attended one of their parties for awhile, so I alot of making up to. Well, I kind of did just that since I did played with 4 guys. Sucked 1, topped 2, and bottomed for 1.

I've had sex with the guy I bottomed for before. He's a Latino with a massively thick cock. so huge that the Kegels I am doing as I write this post are a MUST. But after the usual 2 tries, he got inside me and fucked the hell out of me in missionary position, and whenever he stopped moving, I grinded on his cock. It was such an intense fuck that I found myself getting a headache. And not from my head hitting anything either. I think it was because his wet and sweaty muscular body on top of me was just blowing my mind so. Not too long after, the party shut down, and I called it a night. And I needed to, because my ass needed a break since I knew I'd be coming back the next night.

Tonight, I'll be at the same space but being an actual volunteer for a different party. The guys who bring you Sperm Sundays at The Cock are hosting a party that night. Appropriately enough named, "DIRTY PARTY".

Good thing I'm well-rested from last night. Because even though I'll be on duty, one never knows what can happen at these things. You walk in saying, "I'm going to be a good boy tonight." The next thing you know, you are being a good boy. It just happens to be that all of your behavior shows that you are a good boy.... in the sack.

Tomorrow night, it should be no surprise that you'll find me enjoying my underwear fetish by donning a pair of skimpy skivvies, and looking at all the cute boys in their undies at Daniel Nardicio's CAMP BUCK Underwear Party at Rockbar. The "Camp" is referring to it being a Special Boy Scout Edition.

Pardon my drool.

You see, while I can go for a guy in uniform, what has me drooling is the thought of seeing how many guys could look better OUT of that uniform. Because with some guys, clothes are such a distraction from their sex appeal that less is more.

And as an added bonus to at midinght, there are plans for a secret performance by Peaches of "Fuck The Pain Away" fame.

With plans like these, there is no doubt that I will be fleeing out of my clothes this Fleet Week weekend. So in whatever state of dress you see me in this weekend, be sure to say "Hi"....

....Even if I'm in a position where all I can do is wink. ;-)


  1. I love reading all of your posts on here and your tweets.. Oh how I wish I knew the massively hung Latin Enjoy your weekend, I'm in Chicago, so I'll be enjoying International Mr Leather...

  2. Hope you enjoyed your long week end. I too love reading your posts and wish I knew that latino dude too!


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