Friday, May 20, 2011

OUR Thrusts (Right and Tight) - written

I don’t care at all
Just hit all the right places
As you thrust with the right paces
Be you thick
Or thin
Drive through my tunnel and get in
With walls warming you with their heat
When you have a rhythmic ride so sweet

Race forms your expectations
Of cock size and passion of a screw
You’d better hurry and get a clue
The worker damn sure gets you off
But theories of a ride with long
Makes some style just all wrong
Get a mind of your own
And not buy porn-induced fallacies
Like how bigger is better
You might be surprised by what can please

Trust me, my hold is right
It’s a sweet warm caress of flesh
That’ll give you tremors you’ll rate as “best”
So gapin’
Or grippin’
No choice of the hole you’ll slip in
It is because I am the latter
That I don’t need you longer or fatter
For I’ve never abused myself
Filling it with all but a kitchen sink
No fists or weird objects
Putting permanent inner-widening on the brink

Some big guys don’t bang it like they should
Believing porn’s lies of how just dip in and all is good
I am better off laying alone in my bed
Hands and imagination, simply pleasuring myself instead
I understand the big dick fascination
But making it a requirement is self-damnation
For some are beyond the perception of small
Giving pleasure heard through the thickest walls

So why dip in a canyon
When you can dip in a vice?
For isn’t being flesh to flesh
What makes it so nice?
There’s no matter about your size
As long as my hold is not light
So give it to me, big or small
For it’s good if OUR thrusts are right and tight

Copyright 2011 LeNair Xavier

If the backstory of this poem is of interest to you, be mindful that the blog post that it is posted in is NSFW:

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