Monday, January 17, 2011

Preface to Diesel-Powered Cowardice

I was hoping that Diesel Washington showing up to my poetry reading would have opened his eyes to a few things. But it was quite obvious that he is so full of self-loathing masked as anger towards me, Chase Coxxx, other Black performers and bloggers and racially-sensitive non-Blacks.

Pathetically, anyone in the psychiatric field can tell you that the anger he displays is born from anger towards himself for kissing the asses of the very people he should be calling out - directors, porn actors, and gay porn news bloggers who make as if White or light-complexion is the only beauty worth acknowledging in males. And even though he was there at my reading to hear my poems for the most part, it is a shame that he'd rather live suffering from the ABMS (Angry Black Man Syndrome) that he accuses me of having, instead of acknowledging how on the mark I am in each and every poem I presented. I mean, why don't he confront those same White porn actors and industry people that he cuddles up to whose stories can easily be told in each of these poems in "The Industry":

Traded Love (0:19): Oops! Can't do that! Because most people whose story can be told in this poem are either dead, in rehab, or strung out on drugs and/or alcohol. Therefore, they never made it pass the 3rd stanza.
Exhibitionist vs. Whore (3:25): Why don't he ask some of his past scene partners about how they only let themselves be fucked by him only because of the money, and how off the set, they're disgusted by him, because as Pierre Fitch said in my presence, "I like my White men. Their skin feels better"? Oops! Can't do that either. Because by living with the mindset of a whore, they live by the idea of "fuck-n-go". Now doesn't that make one feel soooo desirable?
Erection's Confession (6:56): So busy whoring that he buddies up to the likes of Jeremy Bilding and Wolf Hudson that he concerns himself with crusading against Blacks doing bareback porn, but he won't crusade against gay-for-pay when many gay males coming to terms with their sexuality use porn as a means to see males comfortable with their sexuality, because being gay is so much more taboo than condom use that a young gay male knows to put a condom on, even before he's sure of his orientation. However, he just might need porn to guide him to be whatever degree of gay he is. But crusading against gay-for-pay puts too many of his meal-tickets at risk. Is Dean Coxx and Robert Van Damme who inspired the 3rd stanza of that poem also on that list of buddies?
 And why don't he ask how wrong I am about this poem by paying a visit to Marcus Allen, Nickolay Petrov, and Addison. All of whom inspired the 4th stanza...That is if you want to go on a ride to whatever prison is housing them.
Sex In Rainbows (11:32): The biggest disappointment was to not hear him support me on this. For I'm sure there are names of White porn actors who wanted to work with him, but because of a studio's racism, the White porn actor wasn't allow the opportunity. But instead of calling out a studio on their racism, and risk a meal ticket because he has allowed himself to have nothing else but this life as a sex worker, he tries to make my night all about him, and not addressing this issue at all.
The HIVE (14:59): As I said before, Diesel is quick to crusade against Blacks in barebacking porn or bloggers who advertise it, but after I read this poem, he said absolutely nothing about my mentioning how some of the porn actors in Chi Chi LaRue's PSA yelling "Shut your hole!" may be promoting condom use, but have profiles on hook-up sites catering to barebacking. Maybe  it would bring his own hypocrisy to light because I can easily respond about him getting chummy with incestuous barebacking Peter Twins from Bel Ami in not 1, but 2 videos.

If he's going to crusade against barebacking, he should crusade against EVERYONE who does it.

It is all of these lack of reactions to these matters before these poems came to be that has led Diesel Washington to be considered a sell-out by many porn consumers and other actors who are either Black or racially-sensitive non-Blacks.

Now, with the ground work laid out. What exactly did he say at my poetry reading to cause such misled venom from him that I refuse to read on his blog?

You can easily find out HERE.


  1. All I kept thinking while I was reading this - aside from the carefully laid out arguments - was that old saw: "Time is on the side of truth."

    But, seriously, I expect front row seats and all the apple cider I can drink at your next poetry reading.

  2. "...why DON'T he confront those same White porn actors..."
    That line should read: "why DOESN'T he confront those same White porn actors..." You made that mistake a few times.

  3. John,

    Thanks. Maybe in my haste to tell THE TRUTH (that you made no point on mentioning) I lost grasp of my grammatical prowess.


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