Sunday, January 9, 2011

Goodbye Tré....Hello LeNair!!!!

After my poetry reading at the LGBT Center this past Friday, I've officially retired the name, "Tré Xavier".

The Industry

If you missed that night, the main thing you missed was that event being the swan song of "Tré Xavier". But you also missed Diesel Washington stopping by...showing behavior that makes it clear why: (1)he's whining about no mainstream studios wanting him AND (2)he's one of the main people this 4th stanza of my first poem from that evening, "Traded Love" was written with him in mind:

But more on that when I do my overall report of the evening later.

For now however, while I bask in the after-glow of that swan song, this blog's name had to change as well.
So with the official birth of LeNair Xavier, this blog will now be known as

But you need not worry.
I will still be intuitive, I will still be insightful, I will still be blunt, and I will still be sexual.

So with ALL of my heart, I THANK YOU ALL
for continuing this journey with me.

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