Monday, August 2, 2010

Tré Xavier - Take A Bow @Karaoke

They say patience is a virtue. Well then I've been quite virtuous....this time.

I've mentioned for quite sometime that I dance, act, as well as sing. While there is proof of my dancing skills by my dance video on YouTube, there hasn't been much proof of my acting or singing skills. As far as acting goes, unless you're really ready to count my few lines in some of my porn movies....DON'T. Even I'm not going there. So in regard to showing my acting skills, I guess you'll just have to wait until I'm done with "Stronger, Harder, Give Me More!", where I'll be quite a bit more than a featured extra like I was in the pilot for "16th & 8th". As for my talent as a singer,  I did post a song of mine on YouTube, fully aware that my vocal skills are better than that. Well now, after much patience, I can finally prove it.

On Gay Pride Sunday, me and some friends ended our night by going to a karaoke bar. I've been wanting to go to a karaoke bar for quite some time to get video of myself singing, but whenever I was ready to go, none of my friends were. But with some patience, this was the night. Because not only were they going to karaoke, but to my surprise....they had cameras with them. So now, Thanks to Elisa for the camera and video file, and to Neal B for recording, I finally got video to prove that I'm an even better singer than my last video showed me to be. Enjoy.

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