Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sexy Alexi Pounds _____

About 4 months ago, I did a piece for my "In Lust With" category entitled, "In Lust With....Sexy Alexi". In that post I made this request:
....if any one knows where I can find a video of Alexi fucking, be it straight, gay, or bisexual porn - direct me to it. I just want to see this hottie fill someone's hungry hole with his sweet meat. Sure I'll be jealous that it isn't me, but it is a fantasy, so I'll get over it soon enough.
Well, I've found it. Completely by accident I might add. I was going through the webmaster affilitate site for Eromaxx sites, the company that's behind sites you see advertised below:,,, and In a thumbnail for the website PartyHardcore, I saw a hot blond guy being fawned over by some women, and it wasn't Denis Reed. I realized that the guy was Alexi. When I downloaded the trailer for that week, there was Alexi eating pussy and then him either pounding away at it, or enjoying  the warmth of a horny chick's pussy sliding up and down on his big uncut dick.
This let me know that Alexi was associated with Eromaxx, so I went on a search to see if he was on any of the other Eromaxx sites. Mainly my aforementioned other 3 favorites, and I would have been especially pleased to report seeing him on either or like aforementioned hottie, Denis Reed.
Unfortunately, no such luck, because it turns out that he's only done Eromaxx videos for, which means that Alexi is straight (at least on camera), and you're only going to see him pound pussy. And I say "at least on camera" not to be recruiting, but because not too long ago, I was told that one of my all-time favorite European straight porn stars, Rocco Siffredi was straight on-camera, but bisexual off-camera. So if you want to see Alexi pound some male tale, you have to do as I've been doing with Rocco Siffredi....and use your imagination.
To help that imagination along, I made this video compiling most of Alexi's scenes from the DVD, "Party Hardcore, Vol. 32". He may not be pounding male ass, or (even better) my ass, but at least you get to see that hot bod grind and thrust in so many eager holes that he works up a sweat and ends up spraying a load of jizz on someone's face.
If it was me receiving that load, the difference is that I wouldn't dare close my eyes. Because I'd be too anxious to see his man-meat volcano erupt with its creamy white sperm-filled lava, and then feeling the warmth of it when it lands on my face.

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  1. I am disappointed to see Sexy Alexi only with a woman. Ah such is life
    He indeed is very special. If you have any updates at all on his latest activities please message me at


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