Saturday, July 31, 2010

Eating Out The Ass of O

Recently, I saw some newer pics of Owen Hawk. He's gotten quite muscular from the guy I met within the 1st couple of years of my coming out. Now, for someone who likes muscles but don't consider them a must in an object of my love or lust, I was quite in awe of the change he's made of himself from the guy I originally saw at Daniel Nardicio's Tigerbeat Underwear Parties at the no-longer-existing Slide till now. Being that in awe, I thought back to an early encounter with him. An encounter that while I was in awe....I was kind of forced to react.

It was around 2005, I believe by this time, I had already done my 1st porn gig, and maybe even my 1st movie. I went to one of Daniel Nardicio's parties. Now, my loyal readers know that at Daniel's parties, guys are often totally naked, and patrons can play with dancers like you see on a CFNM websites like PartyHardcore, just minus the obvious sex. I know this because I not only saw this at the parties, but later on, I became one of those naked go-go boys. When I walked in to the party this night, I didn't even have a drink yet, but since I got there later than I planned, I wanted to check out the scene first. I go to one area and there's Owen Hawk go-go dancing. I can't recall how much he had on besides a pair of boots, but knowing Owen, it probably wasn't much more. And believe me, that is by no means a complaint. Because while I did want to stop at the bar to get something to wet my whistle, I suddenly found no need to just yet, because being the ass-man that I am, even before becoming versatile as I am today, I like every other guy there was salivating over the sight of that famous plump ass.

With Owen facing the crowd, an older guy with a full head of salt & pepper hair went over and tipped Owen. Owen then turned around and poked out his ass. I don't recall the temperature in that place, but I know I'm getting HOT just thinking back to the sight of that ass. Well for some strange reason this older guy didn't seem to take the hint, because when Owen poked out his ass...this guy turned and walked away.

I was stunned to put it mildly. I was so incredibly stunned that I was stammering the words in my thoughts at the sight of what I had just seen. I was saying to myself, "W-W-W-W-Wha-WHAT THE FUCK! Is this guy out of his fuckin' mind?!!!! When Owen Hawk pokes out his ass, you do not turn and walk away! Y-Y-You -----! Damnit, do I have to be the one to show you?!"

I looked around at the rest of the crowd, and they were all standing there like stones. I don't know if they were standing there out of shock, or if they, like that older guy, didn't have the brain and balls to do what should be done at this point. Well, to my own surprise, I mustered up the (still non-liquid) courage, and showed that I was the one with the brain and the balls. I took a dollar out of my pocket, put it down Owen's boot, and then as if we were alone in some seedy motel....
....I buried my face and tongue into Owen Hawk's ass with all those guys watching. My tongue lapped in his hole and on each cheek. And I kissed each cheek as well, so I became an "ass-kisser" in the most literal sense of the word. But I'm not complaining. For I'd be a fool if it didn't make me happier than a pig in slop.

From the beginning of my time in the porn industry, my self-imposed rule was to leave some of that sexual exhbitionist behavior for the camera where the most I would do something like that would be a backroom, or a sex party. But that night obviously sparked something in me. Because that was no backroom, or a sex party, but ever since that night my rule has become, "If I can get away with eating, sucking, and/or fucking in a place....get ready for a show", because with the 1st willing hottie to come along, my mouth is open and I'm dropping trou.

If you think I'm kidding, the next time you see me in such a place (like The Black Party), ask me if I'm armed with my own condoms and lube, and my answer will more than 90% of the time be "YES". Also you might want to look up some blog entries that have taken place this past year. See if these titles ring a bell:

I told you, if I can get away with eating, sucking, and/or fucking in a place, get ready for a show. Now if I ever get arrested,....I'm blaming Owen ;-)

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