Friday, August 20, 2010

Getting Out The Kinks: Pre-Sex Spandex


It's a material we see every time we go to a gym, on every guy wearing a form-fitting muscle shirt, on every woman wearing a sports bra, every cyclist wearing biker shorts, etc. 
For many, wearing and/or seeing people in spandex if has become a sexual kink. I must admit....that I AM ONE OF THOSE MANY. Hence why I'll very likely will be at the next Skin Tight U.S.A. party at Stonewall Inn.

One thing my "Getting Out A Kinks" category is known for (as a psycho-analyst I briefly dated once told me) is that not only do I tell what I like, but I go deep enough into it to tell why I like it. Well as the old saying goes, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". So I already told you the "what". Now, lets get to the "why".

I think the reason why is pretty simple. I probably don't have to say it. In fact, I'm sure the only reason you're reading this is because you know I'm going to have some hot pics and/or video to help prove my point. So since you came all this way, as you can see from the first 3 pics, I have no intention of disappointing you.

The sight of someone wearing spandex is a tease. It fits the human form with just a few things hidden from our sight. Practically everything about that person's body sculpture is on display. You know if the person has a gut. You know if he/she has a nice ass, be it flat or plump. You know how shapely his/her legs are. You know if a woman has big breast. You know what a guy is packing when he's flaccid, and you get an idea of what he's packing if he becomes hard with it on. And with America's uptight attitude towards nudity (especially the penis), luckily you don't get arrested.
All of that is obvious to us when we see someone in spandex.

To be honest, there are some people who I've seen in regular clothes, who I could never imagine finding sexy. However, when I see them in some spandex, all that changes. And the next time I see them in regular clothes, the memory of them in spandex increases their sex appeal.

Now, once you get the spandex off of somebody, what is revealed? 

Well, things like the amount of body hair, markings on the body e.g. scar, moles, tanlines, tattoos, etc), and the feel of the person's actual skin texture, as opposed to the smooth feeling of spandex. And that is where the tease of seeing someone in spandex comes in. It forces us to think about how good it would feel to be skin-to-skin with what is underneath that so-thin layer of material. Such thin material that you could taste through it the sweat from a good workout, the pre-cum from a guy's excitement, or a woman's pussy juice that makes her so wet that it's a good possibility that she's a squirter. The combination of spandex and those signs of sexy wetness makes us hunger to go further. Now, it's the wearer's call as to whether or not we can.

With spandex being used for exercise gear and female clothing, it has now become lingerie that is perfectly OK to wear in public. And I'm sure a great many people who wear spandex are aware of the fact that not only are you looking, but that you're fantasizing about tasting what's underneath. Some may be willing to let you get a taste, while others may not, but either way, the bottom line is that spandex a material that teases and please the senses. And if you are lucky enough....touching a hot wearer of it can give you a taste of thing to cum.

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