Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Young, Career-Oriented...Dead Too Soon

People in their early 20's have an eagerness to please their superiors. I know this because I have been there. And after being there, I've come to know that superiors from the corporate world to the porn world take advantage of this eagerness by asking these young people to work in excess of what they should. Knowing full well that these young people have the God-given human and legal right to set limitations, but use the young person's naivete to make them feel that they don't have that right.

Along with that, there is stress that catches up to these young people. It is the reason that they don't age well. When they hit their 30's and 40's they look their age for sure, and sadly sometimes beyond. In fact, some still in their 20's are already showing signs of pre-mature aging for this very reason. And that aging is not only on the outside, but on the inside as well.

For a tragic example, in the sex industry, I have come to know of a number of guys who have been diagnosed with rectal cancer. You may have even read of some. I strongly believe that the abuse that directors and escorting clients inflicted upon them led to this happening. This is a prime example of not only the sex industry living up to it's negative stigma, but also why those now suffering from (or fearing the return of) rectal cancer put themselves in that predicament. That porn director and/or escorting client were superiors that these young sex workers were eager to please, and the superiors took full advantage. I understand the sex workers’ position in this because while I was 34 when I entered the sex industry, because I was new and eager to please my superiors, my mindset within the industry went back to that of an early 20-something. Luckily, I drew the line before having the ugly price I pay being rectal cancer (among other physical ailments), like some sex workers are paying now.

With all this in mind, at some point, these young people (regardless of their profession) will have a choice to make like I did. They will make it while their still in their 20's or later. Whatever age they make this choice, they will either show their TRUE adulthood by drawing the line that they have every right to draw, OR they will lessen their quality of life the longer they insist on playing bobble-head doll to a superior's head games and power trips.

If you know of such a young person, I strongly advise you to pass this along to them. And let them know that you are informing them of this reality because you care.

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  1. There are suggestions in the medical literature that HPV (the same virus which causes some cervical cancer, and for which there is now a vaccine - against most forms of the virus) may well cause colon, tongue and oesophageal cancer.

    This has lead to the suggestion that boys get vaccinated too. Something I personally support whole-heartedly. Vaccination is a simple tool we have to help prevent this sort of problem from occurring.


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