Monday, July 5, 2010

In Lust With....Tall & Slim

I have made it no secret that I'm open to a connection with a man of practically any height from a variety of body types except for skinny, fat, and overly muscular. But out of every body type and height within that spectrum, I must admit that one body type makes the lust bucket in me shift into high gear. That type being guys who are tall & slim.

Before we go any further, let me assure you that I find a definite line between the words "slim" and "skinny". They hold the same difference as "husky" and "fat". In both comparison, the 1st word is the healthy version, while the other word is not.

I don't know exactly why I have this attraction. The best I can come up with is that it's because they often show themselves to be like me - more to them than their packaging would suggest. Mainly, in regards to their physical strength. When you look at a muscular gym-rat, be they short or tall, you're expecting them to be strong, and able to lift "x" amount of pounds. And especially during a sexual tryst, a 5'6" and 145 lbs. guy like me being picked and fucked in a standing position by a 5' 10" or taller muscular guy is not a surprise. It actually has sometimes become common and all too expected for my taste. With a tall and slim guy however, someone my size would initially think, "There's no way he would do me like that. He doesn't weigh much more than me to even try. And if he's successful, I doubt he'll do it a good length of time."

Um, SURPRISE!!!! The next thing you know that tall & slim guy has your little self holding on to his neck, preparing for his cock to slide into your ass, AND THEN he fucks you in that standing position for a longer time than a muscular gym-rat does.

Another reason for my attraction to tall and slim guys may also be that in addition to how unexpected their physical prowess is compared to muscle boys, being one who favors what's NOT considered the more popular choice makes me more drawn to their slim, unassuming physique. In the gay community, hitting the gym, becoming a muscle boy and gym-rat is pathetically common. To the point that, while this truth may offend many (do I care?), a gym-created (as opposed to labor-created) muscle boy is more likely to be just a fuck, while a tall & slim guy has a better chance of having the choice to be either a one-night stand, regular fuck-buddy, or even a boyfriend. It's because as I've said before, I LOVE NATURE. So I'm more drawn to someone with a natural fit physique than someone who (unless a physical condition makes it necessary) willingly stocks up on Creatine, Muscle Milk, protein shakes and any or all of those other muscle supplements, because they've made themselves into prisoners of attaining the stereotypical gay image of a beautiful male physique. In a muscle boy's defense, I must admit that I do get off on seeing and tasting those thick, creamy white loads of man-milk they spew because of those supplements.

Proof of my attraction to tall & slim guys can easily be found in the history of this blog. For while my writings about muscle boys have often been 1-time things, tall & slim guys have more often been mentioned as regular fuck-buddies. Tom D. and my partner in crime in my sexscapades from "Backroom Sleaze On The Seas" and "Live On Stage....FUCKING!" are just 2 of the tall & slim guys that I have mentioned more than once. And there have been others that I haven't mentioned, and I'm sure there will be more.

What makes me sure there will be more is because one thing all of these guys have in common is that besides the known theory of tall & slim guys having big dicks (which an anti-size queen like myself could care less about), they ALL have had nice asses
Asses that an ass-man like myself have found irresistible at rimming, then groping and massaging while being fucked by them or while fucking them, like I did a tall, slim Asian hottie recently with a tight engulfing tunnel that made me feel I was being given a run for my money. I don't know why they have such great asses. Maybe it's nature's way of making up for what girth they don't have on their arms, legs, and/or chest, so nature puts it elsewhere on their body. Whatever the reason, I'm fine with it ;-)

Now, if you'd excuse me, all of this talk about the sex appeal of tall & slim guys is making me crave to be on my back, and fucked like a savage in missionary position, while giving a tall, slim hottie's ass a massage with my hands and feet.



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