Friday, July 23, 2010

Write That Down #22

While the best description of my sexual orientation is that I'm a lot more gay than straight, for a single-word description, I identify myself as "bisexual".
I have made no secret of this to my readers since I started blogging over 4½ years ago, or in conversations with friends, associates, fuck-buddies, tricks, even casual conversation partners. While I allow everyone in these groups to have their belief as to whether bisexuality is real, or just someone who is confused, there is one person who does not get such an allowance of "believe it or not". That person is my boyfriend or life-partner/husband. He must believe bisexuality is real, because...


Of course before becoming my boyfriend, then life partner/husband (depending on your state and/or country), there is dating. So it's with dating in mind that I have written out this rule as my next "Write That Down" quote that I think all bisexuals, regardless of gender, should set as a standard for themselves. It reads:

As a bisexual, in order to date me, you can't say you don't believe in bisexuality or call it a "myth". Because then you are making statements that kill a relationship before it even are calling my sexual existence a "myth", and saying that you don't believe in my self-awareness.


  1. Dam! those videos are hot!
    who could not believe in bisexuality! it should be the norm!

  2. Étienne,

    Actually, I think bisexuality is the norm.


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