Friday, July 2, 2010

Blackout Room = Troll Central Station

Let me start this post by asking a question that could hit on the fact of how way too many sex party promoters do false advertising.

Patrons, of those parties that claim to have so many hot and sexy guys confirmed to attend with a blackout room as part of, or is the entire the set up for the party, how many have you discovered to have a bevy of trolls in attendance instead?

I'm sure your answer is EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM.

It's a fact that I probably don't need to point out, but men with any degree of confidence in their looks don't want to hide it when pursuing a sex partner, because they have a confidence in their looks that makes them know what they want instead of settling for anything with a pulse the way trolls do. Trolls go to a sex party, and if it's in a dark room, if you have a nice body, you're a bigger target, but in all actuality, almost any body will do. And no matter how much you may try to get them off of you, their desperation makes them ignore your body language and/or words saying "NO".

In some cases, the trolls make the "blackout room" themselves. I volunteered at one party where to create an ambiance, we changed the white light bulbs originally in the area to colored bulbs. As I'm taking a tour after all of the set-up crew's hard work, I come back to that area I was setting up within the 1st hour of the party to find practically all of the lights are OUT. And since I have the rare gift of being able to have some degree of vision in the dark, I get to see who the culprits are that without haste are now lining the newly pitch black walls...TROLLS. Now, had they had any degree of self-confidence maybe they wouldn't be justify being called "trolls". However, to undo my work because of your low self-esteem makes you the very ugly bitch that you think that you are.

A part of me feels sorry for them being so desperate, but another part of me bears in mind how they most likely made themselves into this. Whether it's by them making themselves a slave to the corporate world that they never got up from behind a desk and did anything for themselves which has led to the pounds getting put on. Or made their boss into a god by catering to that boss's bitchiness that they've worried to the point of aging before their time. Or if it's by excessive drug use taking its toll by speeding up the aging process. Or excessive drinking that has led to a gut that makes you look like you're 9 months pregnant and your water can break at any second. I then realize that I AM NOT A RENTBOY or RENTMEN, therefore I don't have to cater to your physical flaws induced by your own lacks in self-worth and self-pride.

In short, unless I decide to escort, you made your bed, now lie in it...alone.

I like reveling in the beauty of my partner during sex. To the point that of all the tryst I've had at my place, all but one had the lights ON. And that one exception was because my room was such a horrid mess more than the others that even I couldn't bear to look at it.

Anyway, proof of my love for seeing my partners can be found as early as my post from just a couple of weeks ago, "Write That Down #20", where I said:

"....I myself am just coming back from the Hot Jock Party where I was a top all night. Pleased to say that I pretty much sucked and fucked the United Nations as my playmates included the bubble-butts of a Latino, a muscular White American and a muscular Euro, and a tall and slim Black guy. No Asian booty got plugged, but I did cop a feel of some of their smooth asses and suck on some of their cocks."

Now, if I was all about sex in a blackout room, then how would I know and adore the fact that I was dipping my dick in a bag of Skittles and "tasting the rainbow"....and what a sweet rainbow it was. Being able to see you in the dim or full-on lights allows me to have no regrets.

I don't like having to refer to the lights coming on as "the ugly lights". At the Hot Jock Party, I don't have that problem. But there are some parties that I won't name the names of (this time) where you will have that problem.

Therefore, for someone to host a party in complete darkness is not looking to cater to a crowd self-confident about their looks. They're catering to those with low self-esteem who wish to hide. I will admit that this is to some degree a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" scenario. Because while a room full of people arrogant over their looks can create an annoying vibe, a room full of people with think of themselves as ugly creates a depressing vibe. So your choice becomes which can you endure and get over easier, (a) the annoying vibe or (b) the depressing vibe. I personally will take choice (a) because I can fuck that annoyance vibe away alot easier,  while the depression vibe may kill my chance of even getting a hard-on altogether.

Now, those who think they're so cute shouldn't get too comfortable. For most of the guys we think are attractive now are living the very aforementioned lifestyles that lead them to becoming trolls in the near future. So they will soon be living in Troll-dom themselves because the fact is....youth hides the effects of those aforementioned lifestyles that leads one to become a troll for but so long. Proof can be found in many old pictures of guys that you would now classify as trolls.

So in closing, I say to you self-confident hotties looking for a party, if you see "blackout party" in an ad....STAY AWAY! And you hosts claiming that you'll have so many hot guys in your party when it's a blackout party....SHAME ON YOU for making such promises! Because we all know the equation:

Blackout Room = Troll Central Station

And if they didn't know before, thanks to me....they do now.

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  1. I agree with what you say on the lifestyle making Trolls, but then, what to think about Bears? Well, they certainly have a different attitude about their bodies. I think the worst of Trolls are the ones who assume that they can just jump on anyone for sex without trying to arouse or seduce them in any way, and this is what darkrooms are about!


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