Sunday, April 18, 2010

Write That Down #16

Before giving him his walking papers, I have told practically every guy I've ever dated (including most recently Aandré) in some way, shape, or form,

"You will never find another ME. You will never find as great a level of depth in thinking and caring as you have by being with me, and in my circle, for I expect either near, the same, or beyond that great level from my family and friends. You may find someone to create the illusion, but by the time you see it's not the real that I was and still will be, you'll be in too deep. So you screwing this up now is you being the murderer...of your own soul."

To make such a statement may seem quite arrogant of me, but the truth is that I can back it up. By all that I stand for, and all that I write about here on this blog, that deep thinking and caring is made more than a little evident.

And the fact of how they are murderer's of their own soul has come true. I have been on outings where I saw someone I dated, and I know they saw me, so all of the sudden they put on a big show of affection with their new guy. Or be they partnered or solo, they avoid even exchanging a glance. One guy from my past, Danny did this to me once on the PATH train. I was sitting in a perfect diagonal to his left, and he looked everywhere EXCEPT his left, as if there was a wall pressing hard up against the left side of his head.

These guys can't look at me because they know that I was right, and they are now in chains to someone so stereotypical,....someone so common,....someone who NOT ME.

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