Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tré Xavier - Go F*cks Himself

I'm sure many people that I've written about (especially in the porn industry like Michael Lucas, Tyson Cane and more recently Diesel Washington) have wanted to tell me to go fuck myself. Well from the title of this entry, you would think that today is their lucky day.

After all that time unaware of my sexual orientation, once I realized the dominating gay part of me, one thing I knew for sure was that my asshole wanted to wrap itself tightly around a cock. And my ass seemed to have the same rule about a dildo as my brain does about people....


I've had this dildo in my possession since before I got into the industry, which means it is over 5 years old. That explains one reason why the cock seems smaller because it was years before I became as versatile as I am now, so the muscle has now grown from it being exercised in some hungry holes. The other reason to explain the size is the fact being that I was starting to go limp when the mold was hardening.

I originally bought this mold kit, "Clone-A-Willy" out of curiousity and to teach myself how to be pleasured by a dildo. Once it was in my possession however, the curiousity was all I had. Because each time I tried pleasuring myself with it, the constant thought of how it was a dildo made from MY cock, and not someone else's ran through my mind and made the fun I could have with it practically impossible.

Recently, I was cleaning old things out of my closet, and came across the dildo. It then hit me, a way to make it fun would be to ride it for the sake of voyeurs' entertainment. So with my aforementioned rule about "the real deal" still in my mind, the reason I'm able to ignore that rule is because I'm letting my exhibitionist spirit guide me more so than usual on this occasion. So enjoy it now, because this show is something that I doubt will ever happen again....even in private, so it can only be in your fantasies. That is unless you find a way to make it really, REALLY, REALLY SEXY for me.

Well until you can do that, get off on this....

I'm sure it's not the fucking of myself that my enemies want, but it definitely schools them on showing a real exhibitionist doing their thing ;-)


  1. I want one!! (Or the two from the picture!) And how great is it that there's a white and a black dildo. But why is yours white??

  2. I can easily answer that question with 2 reasons.

    1)Remember I said I've had it for over 5 years? Well, that was when it 1st came out and they only had white ones back then. The ones of color and glow-in-the dark are newer.
    2)I said in "Write That Down #6", "Everytime I take a shower, take a piss, beat my meat, or perpare to poke a hot guy's sweet mouth or ass, I see a hot Black cock. So I am probably more drawn to non-Black guys sexually because of the novelty...."
    With that in mind, even if they had the variety back then, I would have still chose to make a White cock.

  3. I have paid a few ... shall we say well known ... gay video personalities / entertainers to "clone a willy" for me ... and I have to say that the replicas are pretty close to the real thing. They are not usually 100% accurate ... it is terribly difficult to stay rock hard with a tennis balls tube of goo stuck to your dick lol ... but it's been well worth it ... at least my ass thinks so ;0) Maybe not my wallet so much ...


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