Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sex Party Etiquette: UN-dress Appropriately

In my treks to sex parties, there's one thing that has always bugged me. While this doesn't pertain to those who go to leather sex parties, I find myself turned off by what you some guys are wearing when they get undressed.

One big time turn-off are boxers. Not boxer-briefs, but boxers, because I came here to have sex with a man, not my dad. If you showed up wearing boxers to keep your balls cool so you could have a big load to show off, then it's better that you just check the boxers as well and walk around totally naked. OR have a more fitting form of underwear to walk around in. And if you're that uptight about your body, then stay home. In short, save your boxers for your boyfriend or husband. But for casual sex like that at a sex party, work your bikinis, thongs, jockstraps, boxer-briefs, and briefs.

I must add that in regards to briefs, we are supposed to grown men here, so leave the age-old classice in kiddie draws known as "tighty whities" at home.

Speaking of kiddie draws, I am also so fuckin' turned off by seeing any guy who wears Ginch Gonch or Ed Hardy, because at 1st glance, the prints on them remind me of the underwear I wore as a kid back in elementary school. Now, if by any chance I would try to recapture my youth, I am not sick enough to go so far that I want to incite kiddie fantasies. So if that's what you think is cute to wear to a sex party, think again.

While some guys don't know how to be undressed properly for a sex party, others can't even get undressed properly.

What is the deal with guys who fuck still wearing their underwear by pulling it just below their balls or ass, or stretching them out by wearing them like chains between their ankles?

Your underwear is expensive, I get it. I don't wear cheap underwear to a sex party myself. But I'm not such a Chelsea queen about my expensive underwear like this guy from the NY Jock Party. Practically everytime he fucks, he's still wearing his underwear. At least I take my underwear and wrap them around like an armband or ankle bracelet. Be a man for goodness sakes. After all, it is called NY Jock Party, not Clothes Whore Jock Party.

Some Black guys and wiggas, the issue of getting undressed inappropriately for a sex party also means YOU.

I'm going to say this one time in a tone you understand.

Why do you some Black guys and wiggas do this? Are you so damn stupid that you cater to the narrow-minded White assholes who live for the thug fantasy? Try playing a fantasy worth playing. Let them have one of where they are having sex with a REAL MAN. Because thugs (be they straight, gay, or bi) are not men, they're faggots, and unworthy of dick or ass EXCEPT by another faggot. Now, while I'm not one to consider someone my brother just because of skin color, these niggers and wiggers who can't seem to take their hat off at a sex party are definitely NOT my brothers.

You see, be it a relationship, tryst, or a sex party....I fuck my brothers. And not in the incestuous sense, for I am not lowering myself to the level of Bel Ami's Peters Twins.

When I first started going to sex parties, I would let these things pass. But now, not so much, because I've come to realize that these fools are easily replaced by someone with enough sense to know how to UNdress appropriately for a sex party.

So bottom line, when you going to be fucking at a sex party, walk in there and have this plan....GET NAKED!

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