Friday, April 23, 2010

Deeper Than I Thought

Early this week, I got invited to an orgy. All hot guys and hot action. At one point, I wound up being in a 3-way with 2 of those hot guys. I was on all fours sucking on one, while the other was playing with me from behind. The guy playing with me from behind had fucked me a little bit earlier, but this time it felt different. While he was playing with me, he kept saying things about me to the host like, "Wow, he really taking it in!", and "It's still going in!" 

I thought to myself, "What the fuck is he talking about? His dick isn't that big."

Then the guy came around to my right, near the guy I was giving a blowjob to. What was weird about this? I could still feel something in my ass. With that surprise, I asked, "What's in my ass?!"

The guy replied, "A dildo. And it's really in there."

I often said that I don't like dildos. Even as recent as last Friday's post, "Tre Xavier - Go F*cks Himself", with me saying how that was the probably the last time I would ever play with a dildo full-on, even in private. Which just gives further proof why in some instances, you should just never say "never".

After those numerous times I claimed a disdain for dildos, you know when I reached back that I was ready to yank that thing out of me. Well, that wouldn't have been wise, because I reached back to discover that not only was it a dildo, but it was one of those long 2-headed dildos.

I wasn't then and (maybe to some's surprise) still not angry about it. Because no one in the room knew about my claim to dislike dildos, so it wasn't like it was forced upon me. It was a group of us all playing around, and at the moment, I was the bottom in the room. Anyway, after this discovery, I got up and went to the bathroom to take it out.

When I got in the bathroom, I had to see for myself just how "really in there" this dildo was. I held my finger at the point of it right up to my asshole, and slowly pulled it out from there. When I looked to see how much was inside me, while I'm a lousy judge of length by looking, I can guarantee you that dildo was more than a foot deep inside me. I don't know how much more, but it was more than a foot.

The reason this surprised me is because when asked what the longest dick I've ever been fucked by, I've always said about 11", and I always figured that was my limit. Well, what a surprise! I'm deeper than I thought.

HOWEVER, that does not mean I have any intention of putting it to the test on a regular basis. After all, I still has a reputation to uphold for having a tight hole that is a doorway to a warm embracing inside.

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