Friday, April 2, 2010

In Lust With....Sexy Alexi

For the past couple of weeks, I've been having a guy pop up on my computer screeen with a nice stiff dick to put in my ass, and a hot ass to grope while getting that stiff dick stretching my tight hole. There are many gorgeous men to choose from fantasizing about with such traits, but for right now, that hottie's name is Alexi.

I have the program VirtuaGuyHD installed on my computer. I've mentioned this site before in my post about my lust for Denis Reed. I am not a recurring member to the site, and haven't looked back in months, so I recently decided to see what's new. What I found might have been there all along, but somehow I missed it. This blond Russian with a fine phyisque, ice blue eyes, and an uncut cock. I saw his preview pics and had to download one of his shows so he could pop up on my computer screen at various times. Then I downloaded another, so now I have 2 shows and 2 photo collections of him. And I made my settings be that he pops up on my screen about to get naked or already naked, and it's a joy to see everytime.

Sometimes he's exercising naked. Other times he jerks his big dick, and I love watching an uncut man rub his foreskin on the extra-sensitive head of his cock. My favorite however is when he turns his back to the camera and he does a thrusting motion, because it gives me an idea of what his great ass would look like if he was to let my tight hole grip his cock as he pumps up a cumload to spray on various parts of me like my ass, chest, and maybe give me a taste of his cum's saltiness in my mouth.

Those shows of him exercising inspired me to make this wallpaper. If you've seen my Flickr account, then you've seen my skills at doing this before.

It's one thing to imagine what he looks like fucking because of his thrusting motion in a solo show, but what I would like to see is him actually in action. So if any one knows where I can find a video of Alexi fucking, be it straight, gay, or bisexual porn - direct me to it. I just want to see this hottie fill someone's hungry hole with his sweet meat. Sure I'll be jealous that it isn't me, but it is a fantasy, so I'll get over it soon enough.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Unfortunately, that site is gone, and I on longer have the video on my present hard drive. So in the meantime, perhaps you can check out the other blog post featuring Alexi, "Sexy Alexi Pounds". It has video of him fucking featured on the website, Party Hardcore.


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