Saturday, April 3, 2010

F*** and Load

Initially, my plan was to either have a cock in my ass, or my dick in a hot ass when the clock struck 2:57 AM on March 31st, the time I was born. However, those plans changed because I got so much out of Monday going into Tuesday.

I was online at a cruising site and I got an email. It was from Tom D, the hottie I fisted and flip-fucked in "Tre Xavier - F**king By Request" He is on my buddy list, so I know if we're online simultaneously. With that in mind, I have tried getting together a couple of times since, but to no avail. So much to no avail that I started to not even consider it anymore. So his email simply saying, "sup?" was a nice surprise.

In response to that email, while I wanted to say, "Now that I see it's you, my cock is what's up." Instead I got into small talk. He told me he was horny and that he wished I lived closer. We actually don't live that far from each other. It's the lousy service of the subway in this area that makes it take forever and a day to get to him. Because in response I told him I can be out the door in 30 min, and I was, but I didn't get to his place until close to 90 mintues after sending that message.

He told me beforehand that someone else may be there, and there was when I arrived. And I was totally Ok with the company, but he got a call and had to leave unexpectdly. Then another guy arrived to join us. I was unsure of his background, but he was light-skinned and had an accent. We started fooling around with the 3 of us. Tom D sucked the other guy with his ass in the air, and the sight of Tom D's ass made me need to dive in, and eat him out. The other guy started fucking Tom D doggy-style while Tom D sucked my dick. Tom D's ass is always a hot sight. Even though this guy wasn't pounding him, seeing Tom D's ass cheeks squeeze in with each inward movement from the guy along with the sensation of Tom D's great blowjob made my dick hard. Tom D took my dick to try getting double-penetrated. Maybe because of my own craving to get DP'd, I focused too much on it to the point that I became too soft to go inside of Tom D.  He started sucking my cock again, and I got hard again fast, then he put my cock in him and started riding me. Then we changed positions and I fucked him doggy-style.

We took a break. During that break, another guy came by to join us. He was Black and muscular. I have mentioned in the past my overcoming my racism against other Black men. Well, this put it to the ultimate test. For those of you that may have seen some of my profiles, may noitce that in some, I've made it a note that I'm more drawn to complexions lighter than my own, because my artistic eye is drawn to the color contrast. But I make it a point to say that I don't totally write off guys who are darker than myself. And this guy who was about a shade darker than myself, was such a case. Because the more he undressed, the hotter he got. That is until I saw the massively thick cock he was sporting. I thought, "Well this is Tom D's party, so that's ALL HIS. When Tom D starting riding this guy's cock, my thought showed itself to be I thought.

Because after Tom D rode on this guy's cock for a bit, then Tom D wanted me to ride this monster cock saying to me, "Sit on it.".

My initial reaction stayed in my head, because it was the Bed-Stuy ghetto boy in me. Which translates to meaning that I was about to show a lack of composure, as the thought of that huge dick entering me had me on the verge of saying, "Sit on THAT?! ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MUTHA FUCKIN' MIND?!!!!!"

This initial thought shouldn't be a surprise, because I do have a reputation to uphold of having a tight hole, and anything that seems to threaten taking that away from me freaks me out....ALOT.

However, being how Aries like myself are so often welcoming to a challenge, I went for it thinking of it as an opportunity to see if I could really take that double penetration I still have yet to have the pleasure of getting. Yes, his dick was just that thick, and that picture of it just outside of Tom D's ass doesn't do it the justice it deserves. After all that fear, someway, somehow, I managed to take it in. and rode it hard for a good while. So maybe I can do away with that other fear of not being able to take being double penetrated as well. So Thanks Tom D.

But it didn't stop there.

We went at it long enough for him to put me on my back, and put that log of a cock back in me, and proceeded in fucking me missionary, while Tom D was getting fucked by the other guy who came while fucking him. And this was my heaven on earth, because I love being in a room full of sex with practically all rules of American sexual repression thrown out the window. Hence my continuing search for the best sex party.

After another break, the Black guy fucked Tom D again and came. After that, him and the other guy left, leaving me alone with Tom D who all night wanted very much to return the favor and fuck my ass. We stayed together for quite awhile. Naked, chatting, me sucking his cock, and massaging his bubble butt which always made me hard and need to dip into his hole again. I dipped in enough times that I experienced something I never had before. With my final dip, I found myself having 2 mini-orgasms, then pulling out to jerk-off, having my "Big O".

While Tom D wanted to fuck my ass all night, I very much wanted him to, and I was determined to make it happen. First off was of course by getting him hard, and with my tight hole, that means "like a rock". So I killed 2 birds with 1 stone. The stone being the goal of getting him hard, and while the 1st bird down was showing how much I love tasting that pink head on his uncut cock,

the 2nd bird was showing off my oral skills.

Well once I accomplsihed my goal, I started riding his dick. He does have a roommate and his bed can become quite noisy, especially the way I ride the cock when I really like the dick that's in my ass. Because I've said it before and I'll say it again, unless you're a bottom who is a sad-ass size queen, then you know like I do -----you get the best fuck by having a guy who is some degree of versatile being a top. He then fucked my ass doggy-style. His fuck guided me to lay on my stomach, then he turned me on to my back. The entire time practicing restraint of how much I wanted to say out of my mouth about my enjoy all of this. We took a break. By this time, it was so early enough in the morning that his roommate was getting ready for work. Once I heard his roommate leave, we did it all over again. But this time, free of both, verbal restraint, and the phyiscal restraint I was using to tone down the squeaky bed.

We never went to sleep, and while he went off to work that day, I was grateful for my unemployment because I was able to go home and get some sleep.

As much as I enjoyed the sex, I still left there with a fantasy in my mind. That fantasy is of how much I wish our great sexual chemistry and Tom D's intense drilling of my hole resulted in him spraying a big load all on and in my ass. So the "F***" in the title doesn't stand for "Fist" this time. This time it stands for the usual - "FUCK". So in short, the title stands for, what I want from Tom D....a good "Fuck & Load".

Well, a man can dream.....BUT must he dream?

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