Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fire Island Weekend @ Daniel's 2 (conclusion)

My Friday night did not end as abruptly as I may have made it seem. There is more story to tell there.

After the Underwear Party, I met this cute guy who worked at the hotel. We started having a conversation, and next thing I knew I got invited back to his room. We cuddled all night long, with me occasionally giving him head. I seem to be quite skilled with oral lately. In fact, at the last sex party I went to, I saw myself take in 2 cocks in my mouth, and neither one was puny. Such a sight made the voyeurs quite pleased yet jealous of the recipients.

Anyway, come morning I asked for what I've been wanting from him the moment he took me to his room. I told him, "I want you inside me."

He gladly obliged. He laid down on the bed and I straddled him. I had to pace myself, because I was getting off on the fact that there is a mirror on the wall at the head of the bed, and I was seeing mysef ride his cock with a smile on my face due to the fact that his dick felt so good and right inside me. He came by jerking off together, and he sprouted like a volcano, and that sight inspired me to spew my jizz not too long after.

Early in the afternoon, I went to the beach. It was fun to sit out there, which I didn't do the last time Iwas there until the late night. After I came back, it was time to set up Daniel's palace for the radio show and cocktail party.

During the radio show and cocktail party, Daniel asked me to man the room used for guests to try out the Real Touch. I was not surprised to be asked, nor was I surprised by the fact that one of the guests wanted me to show in explicit detail how it worked - using my dick. So I put on a condom, and put my boner in the Real Touch. Once again, I knew the sure fire movie to get me off was going to be just like last week was Denis Reed in "Bareback Gang Bang Nr. 1". I thought choosing that movie might cause some controversy because of the barebacking (an issue I have yet to tackle here, but soon will), but I decided that it's one of the few movies they had listed that I knew for a fact would get me off, so I went for it.
The guest who wanted to see me use it was pretty fuckin' hot. He held the Real Touch, while I held the base of the condom. You see, the Real Touch is not made for multiple users, and if you go to the website and see how it works, you'll realize that it's easy for a condom to get pulled off. So while I was holding the condom, the guest used his other hand to play with my nipples, and feel my ass. While watching the computer screen, my peripheral vision caught the growing bulge in his shorts from watching me. A bulge that I wanted to satisfy and examine more closely, but being the "cum"-sumate ---- I mean consumate professional that I try to be, I practiced restraint. I was so close to cumming, but rather than waste a cumshot with my condom-laced dick inside the machine, the guest wanted me to pull out and jerk off and watch my load fill the condom. Between the guest and watching Denis Reed in that movie, that did not take long at all before I released all that sexual tension.

Hey, it's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it. And at least I had fun doing my dirty job.

After the radio show and cocktail party, I relaxed a bit, and prepped my brain for some fun Saturday night before my return to New York City Sunday afternoon. Well to make a long story short, at one point that fun Saturday led to me sucking the long curved cock of one of the boys from DirtyBoyVideo who was also staying at Daniel's. I got some good rides out of his cock, but the words, "It hurts" kept coming from someone's mouth. The surprise is that it wasn't coming from me, the bottom. It was coming from the top as he couldn't take the tightness of my hole, while once in, I was riding it like I was King of the Rodeo. I would tell you exactly who he is, but since I like to get permission to tell the identity of the people I fool around with, even of porn actors, I have yet to hear from this guy, so until then, I can only tell you that I did get to taste that ass in the 1st pic, and the curved cock you see in the 2nd pic was in my ass, and spewed a nice tasty load from being in my mouth.

As you can see it had quite an eventful weekend. And would you believe I left out some true details that could make this true tale even hotter. Well with all that in mind, it's understandable as to why on they way back to New York City, we decided to give Cherry Grove the same rule as they give to Las Vegas....

.....What ever happens in Cherry Grove, stays in Cherry Grove.

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