Friday, August 7, 2009

Sluts With Class, The Have & Have-Nots

Most would believe that among sluts, that there is no such thing as one having class. Well those that believe such a thing are going to find themselves very much mistaken by the end of this post. Now I am well aware of how this may seem comical, but the truth is I'm totally serious, and the logic behind it that I'll present will make a lot of sense.

I have often admitted here to being a slut. What you may not know that I have always considered myself to be a slut with class, and have found many slutty people to be void of class. What makes one a slut with class is the fact that even at their most horny, they will not hook up with someone who at some point during the initial meeting shows themselves to have a major personality flaw like rudeness or obsessive tendencies, no matter how good-looking that prospective playmate may be. Nor will a slut with class lower him/herself to take up with anybody just because a suitor is into them, yet they by no means reciprocate that admiration, because that means that slut's getting off is based solely on the suitor's desire for that slut as a means to stroke the slut's own sexual ego. And that's what sluts with NO class do.

Instead of putting myself in the line of fire for any of the drama that can be incited by not having these rules, I'd rather go home alone, and beat my meat. Why? Because even as a slut, one should have enough respect for oneself to not put him/herself in bad situations like having to watch what a trick says to not offend anyone, or turning a blind eye to a person's obvious signs of obsessive behavior.

I and those like me have sex for the pleasure and sharing it with someone who at least for that moment, shows themselves worthy of sharing that time with. Bottom line is that for a slut with class, sex is about an equal exchange of pleasure.

This is not the case for a slut with NO class for their sexual conquest are about stroking their own ego, and using sex as a way to validate their worth. The person they are having sex with is just a prop for that delusional means of validation.

Of course being used as a prop can be the case with a one-night stand, but I believe the reason one enlists someone as a fuck-buddy is so they can have the time of having an equal exchange of pleasure by you knowing what both you and your partner like, so it's easy to please that person, and they can do the same for you. Neither of you should be using sex as a means of validation.

Such was the case I was hoping for one former fuck-buddy. But I started seeing signs that made me question his worth in being a fuck-buddy. I started to realize this after a couple of people he fooled around with at a party. One guy was good-looking but came and stood by us while I was talking to th former fuck-buddy, but the guy had a look in his eye like he was a zombie . I've gotten stares like that, and no matter how cute he is, he can't have me, because I am not going to knowingly risk spending time with Glenn Close's character from "Fatal Attraction". If this guy was fat, old, and wrinkly, my former fuck-buddy would have initiated with me a talk about how desperate that stare shows him to be, when the reality is that from someone young or old, slim or fat, a slut with class knows that stare is not cute.

Another guy my former fuck-buddy took up with insulted an older man right to his face by saying "Ewww! A daddy!"

If me and my former fuck-buddy saw that old man, we may not be into him staring at us, but we would have enough compassion to not be so rude to the man's face. While my former fuck-buddy is also a self-proclaimed slut, he isn't one with class, as he felt the need to defend his actions of needing to stroke his ego by telling himself the delusion that I was jealous.

The problem I had with him taking up with these guys was not me being jealous. Since we started talking, I've seen him fool around with other guys and got off on it, and he has done the same with me. My problem with his choosing these guys is because those major flaws in their personality could be seen way before giving of himself sexually. Therefore these people were just props for his sexual ego, which led to my concern of me being the same. I may tolerate being a prop with a one-night stand, but not for a fuck-buddy. And I expect a fuck-buddy of mine to abide by the rules of sex as a pleasure exchange as I do, and not make it all about themselves.

Now if these guys' flaws showed themselves after a hook-up, then it's understandable to tolerate it ONCE AND ONLY ONCE, but after that - severe all ties.

The problem with being a slut with NO class is that they usually behave in a manner that curses them with bad karma. I wonder how many of those old men you see in clubs trying to buy off the go-go boys, or going online for the company of an escort were in their younger days a slut with no class. It would not surprise me if the number was 65% or higher. That would mean that karma being the bitch that she is, has cursed these men from being the user of people in order to feel validated, to being the one who is now all used up and now so in need of people in order to make you feel validated, that they've become desperate enough to buy them.

Since you're reading my blog, you either are a slut, have been a slut before your present life of committment, or even committed and faithful, a slut lives on in your mind. Whatever the case may be, after reading this, ask yourself this:

When it comes to being a slut with class - are you one of the have or the have-nots?

If you are one of the have-nots, I hope you correct that soon.

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