Monday, August 24, 2009

Fire Island Weekend @Daniel’s 3, Part 1: The Meat Rack Experience

In regards to the sex romps during my last trip to Fire Island, I went into it bearing in mind the theory of how lightning doesn’t strike the same place twice.

Well, the perfectionist that I am has been proven wrong - somewhat.

Because lightning struck my libido last time with my ass getting pleasured. This time around it was my cock that got pleasured.

For starters, besides the usually make-out stories that can come from Daniel Nardicio’s Underwear Parties, I had my 1st successful experience in the length of woods separating Cherry Grove and The Pines known as, The Meat Rack. I’ve ventured to The Meat Rack in the past and have grown to not expect much in regards to cute guys being on the prowl, but my Aries stubbornness and determination led me to believe that I was not the only well-preserved fit guy strolling through there. They say 3rd time's a charm, and it must be because I was finally proven right, as soon as I got a few yards deep into making a early turn, I saw a slim frame walking behind me. My sixth sense told me this person was familiar to me. At first, I thought that was silly, but then I decided to let the guy pass me, and that’s when we saw each other. And it turned out he was familiar to me, he was someone I saw earlier in the day at The Ice Palace when we were setting up for the underwear party. I said nothing to him then because he was with someone who I wasn't sure was a boyfriend or just a friend, but his blond hair and gorgeous face were imprinted into my brain.

The guy was using his cellphone to light his way, and that’s how we saw each other. We looked at each other and were instantly attracted to each other. Not out of the usual “I’m horny, so I’ll fuck anything” attraction, but this was a genuine attraction.

We told each other how hot the other was, started kissing and feeling each other up. Once I dug into the back of his pants, and felt his ass, my intuition told me he was a bottom. However, knowing how my ass seems quite inviting to many while I myself am now actually versatile off-camera, I wasn’t quick to judge. Based on his next question however, you wouldn't be able to fault me if I was quick to judge.

He asked me, “Do you want to fuck me?”

I whispered to him with one of the most dirty lust-filled drawls I’ve ever heard roll off my tongue, “Yeeeah.”

He then wanted to go somewhere more private. As far as I’m concerned, unless you go in the bushes, you’re not going to get private, which is exactly how it turned out. You see, the Meat Rack is a bunch of woods with sandy paths, and he did not lead me to fuck him in the bushes. Instead he led me to a sandy path.

With his ass, plus he never removed his tank top which only fed my fetish of guys wearing only tops, I didn’t argue. And my not arguing, had us treating the sand like we were fucking on an actual bed. It also had me finding a guy who bottoms like myself – where it’s not the all too common thought of how the top fucks and the bottom gets fucked. Instead, the top and bottom fuck each other.

He asked if I had lube, and I told him I did. So I lubed up and fingered his hole. I also had condoms, which I feel if you know you’re going to The Meat Rack for sex with strangers, you should definitely have both of those on hand. So I rolled one on, dipped into the warmth of his hole, and both thrusted my way AND got thrusted upon to a new chapter in my sex adventures.

Every position I topped him in, he begged for me to fuck him both deeper and harder. While I made his wish my command, he simultaneously followed his own command to me by throwing his ass so hard onto my dick that I couldn’t help but go deeper inside him. And his constant change in positions only made it even more fun. First, he got down on all fours to be fucked doggy-style, then he laid down on his stomach on the sand. I found myself having to slow down pounding on his ass because the excitement was so much that I was on the verge of cumming way before either of us were ready. He then got on his back to got at it missionary. Still never ceasing to fuck me back, he did just as I do when I bottom in missionary, and threw his ass onto my cock while grabbing my ass. Lastly, he told me to lay on my back, then he started giving a fierce hard ride to my hard-on.

I never came from fucking this guy. Remember me saying how we were actually along one of the sandy paths? Well, we did have a couple of passerbys while we were going at it. The 1st one didn’t come off as a hindrance. He came by from behind me while we were going at it missionary, so my trick saw him and motioned to the passerby how he wasn’t interested in having him join in. The 2nd one wasn’t a problem at first, until he started feeling my trick’s ass while riding my cock cowboy-style. That’s when the sex stopped.

I don’t know if too many guys who’ve ever got any action at the Meat Rack can testify to such intense extremities like I experienced. Hence why I said in past posts why I nicknamed myself “The L XTreme” - because with my legal name starting with “L”, everytime I try something new, or have success at something I’ve failed at with prior attempts, I always wind up in an extreme scenario. And I think getting sand all over yourself from fucking with a definite hottie you find at The Meat Rack constitutes as an extreme measure. Along with how finding an actual hottie at the Meat Rack is already an unusual occurrence.

We walked back down the walk together until I got to Daniel’s place. By not cumming from such a HOT experience, I was still horny as all hell. And what I saw and heard when I walked over to the sofa I was sleeping on gave me another potential avenue of release.

What happened? I’ll just say that if the sight of dildos, and tales of orgies and fellatio tickle your fancy, then you won’t want to miss this one.

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