Thursday, August 20, 2009

In Lust With Jakub Stefano

I know what you're thinking. Who isn't in lust with Jakub Stefano?!

I initially became familiar with Jakub before he became the internet sensation he is now. He had a profile on in the website's hey-day, and we actually had a chat. I forgot where he was living at the time. All I know is that it was not in New York, or else I would have definitely tried to make plans for a fuck session as many on have done. I can't recall it verbatim, but I remember the thought in my head that based what we said in that chat, I got the great impression that Jakub is quite a handful between the sheets. That is if we ever could have made it to going under the sheets. And I must admit, I have yet to meet a European who isn't sexually knowledgeable. And based on previous posts, YES I am quite biased when it comes to European men.

What can I say? When it comes to sex, most Euros just let it rip. And that's what we like about 'em. I'm still waiting for that American to give a European a run for his money, but that has yet to happen. But I've haven't lost hope, plus (from my prospective) auditions are fun. So no matter what race, All-American boys, let's keep playing "Casting Couch".

I know I'm not the only one who a story about chatting with Jakub Stefano. And those that have, understand how everytime I see a picture of him, I realize I chatted with that guy ---- about how I would love to play with that uncut cock and beautiful ass. Just rehashing that makes me wish he was here so I could drink from his foreskin.

And I'm sure many of you kinky fuckers want the same thing. Well, if we could have a line of guys drinking from that foreskin, since it's my idea and my blog, I would go first --- and last. And the beauty of being last is that I would suck it until I get that all natural protein shake produced by his balls, leaving all of you wishing it was you. Because one thing I'm sure you may have noticed in videos about muscular guys like Jakub, that they have some milky jizz.

Well, it's fantasies like that that make me need to write a post like this. To explore the beauty of being in lust with someone, and getting off on the many fantasies that follow ---- some fantasies that can actually come to fruition. Because after all, life is full of sweet twists and turns that we never see coming.

But who knows, for someone, the fantasy of playing with Jakub Stefano isn't so much coming, but "cumming" - like he does in this video.

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