Thursday, July 17, 2008

Atlantic City Confession

My trip a couple of months ago to Atlantic City was a whole lot of fun. But just as they say how every dark cloud has a silver lining, the opposite also holds true because every blue sky has a dark cloud moving in. And when I was in Atlantic City, that dark cloud to my misfortune was my roommate. If it's not bad enough that I struck out on those damn slot machines, I also struck out when they were pairing people together to be roommates.

This revelation didn't hit me until after all the hotel room hopping we were doing. I got hit with this moment of truth while we were lying in our beds, about to go to sleep at 5 AM.

I forgot how it came about. We had the TV on in our room, and I think something came on about either Barrack Obama and/or Hilary Clinton. My ever-so-intellectual roomie made a comment about how Obama "doesn't bite the bullet", and how in making a choice about going to war, George W. Bush did. And I normally wouldn't say this, but when have I not called a spade a spade. So can you say "DUMB MOTHER FUCKER"?

Now if you've read this blog often enough, you know by now that I HATE IGNORANCE. Anyone who comments here saying something totally foolish gets called on it. I do if for my blog, and I do it in my everyday life. So this dipstick was not immune to the truth I was about to lay on him before calling it a night.

I brought up the fact that George W. Bush's "biting the bullet" has cost hundred of thousands of lives. Therefore, he should be considered a mass murderer. What I didn't mention was how Bush is anti-gay and getting in the way of the progress we were making during the Clinton years. I didn't mention that because it would have lead to me screaming the question so loud that the entire Hilton Hotel would have heard my roar thinking it was an earthquake, "As a gay man, you should be aware of Bush being anti-gay, and loathe Bush for this, so WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU? ARE YOU FUCKIN' NEW TO THE PLANET EARTH? MAYBE YOU WERE BORN AT NIGHT, BUT WAS IT REALLY LAST NIGHT?!!!!!!!!!"

At least I maintained my composure, because the worst thing to do to me is be the downer to my good-time. It really makes my dark side come out, and based on the following scenario, I'm sure you can understand why I had to keep it under control.

I just had a fun day and night out in Atlantic City, with some cool people, some of whom I never met or hung out with before, so while I am ready to turn in at 5:00 in the morning, the last thing I want to do is wind up in a debate about dimwitted, homophobic, fuck-faced, warmongering George W. Mother Fuckin' Bush.

When I initially saw this guy, I thought he was kind of cute. This is one of those times that prove how your intellect can enhance your outer beauty, and vice versa hold true as well. Because in this guy's case, the lack of an intellect definitely diminished whatever good looks he had immensely.

Let's hope the next time I decide to go on a road trip, if I don't pick my rooommate, that I'll get paired with the best kind of hottie. One with beauty and brains.


  1. So it was cheaper with a roommate?

    Thought it those cases you wind up screwing him and having a blast. Did anyone else get lucky since your pairing was not a click with you two.

  2. i tried to put in my name and it wouldn't let me.

    how do i do this.

  3. Hi Anonymous, it's me Tre Xavier.
    First off, to post by putting a name just go to where it says "Choose an identity" and click on the circle by "Name/URL". Put a name in there and your done. That's how I just did it. Normally when I view my comments, I'm already signed in. I did it the say way I just told you just to show you how it works.
    Now, what really pissed me off with this pairing is because I very recently discovered that while I was stuck with this dumb-shit, some fellow road trippers, who were HOT road-trippers might I add, were having a blowjob orgy in another room. This guy was definitely a fucking killjoy.


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