Monday, July 28, 2008

Pre- and Post-Bad Boys Craziness

The weekend of the Bad Boys Sea Tea and a few days after were quite a busy week for me. I had something scheduled on Saturday, of course Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday.

On Saturday, I had a photo shoot scheduled. The photographer was someone I met awhile ago wanting to build his portfolio. After a number of scheduling and communication conflicts, we finally made it happen. Being understanding of an artist trying to make a name fir himself, and seeing samples of his work on sites like Model Mayhem, I was happy to let him work his photographic prowess with me as a subject. I'm looking forward to seeing the end result, because what I saw during the shoot looked quite good. So you'll just have to wait and see how right I am about that.

After my Sunday filled with debauchery, I appeared at WOOF! at View Bar for a post-Bad Boys party thanks to an invitation by Max Scott. It was good to hang with Will Clark, Duke Rivers, Mike Dreyden, and Vin Nolan again in a calmer environment after such an exciting day before. We all did a couple of go-go dancing sets. Me and Mike Dreyden did 1 solo and the other together.

Vin Nolan also did a couple of sets. In fact, for his second he changed into some leather gear, and I have some video of it for you here.

Duke Rivers showed the crowd the fetish of dripping candle wax on the body by pouring it on himself, and then some of then Mike and Vin.

Just when I thought I was safe, a patron leaned over and said, "Wow! You should go up there, and get it done to you. That would be such a hot look against your skin tone."

To myself I thought, "I know this guy just put the whammy on me looking like someone shot their protein load on me."

And sure enough he did, because the next thing I knew, Duke motioned for me to come up to the stage. I knew it wouldn't hurt. It was the cleaning it off that I wanted to avoid, including how when I was getting dressed to go home, I found some dried wax right in the crack of my ass. Even with that, it was a fun night hanging out with a few of the Bad Boys.

Wednesday night, I appeared at Will Clark's Porno Bingo with Emerging Artist Theatre (E.A.T.) as the beneficiary for the evening. It was quite a small crowd, but I was very impress by the fact that we raised $350 dollars from such a small crowd. I've seen it in the past where they were 1 1/2 to 2 times more people and trying to raise that much money was like pulling teeth. So the people at E.A.T. and their supporters who came out that night really should pat themselves on the back for a job well done.

Well, that was m y busy weekend plus, so this weekend, I have made it my business to relax myself, and catch up some much needed rest, so I can be raring to go from this day forth.
Are you ready for me? ;-)

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